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La Chaumiere du Chene, St Peter may be the house where Sir George de Carteret lived during his childhood. He owned a large tract of land in the area, but it is not entirely clear whether he lived at La Chaumiere du Chene or the next farm to the north, The Elms. Historian George Balleine believed that Sir George was born at one or other of these properties.

Both properties passed from the de Carteret family to Jurat Clement Le Montais, who died in 1650, and who had married Sir George's sister Rachel in 1636. Payne's Armorial of Jersey says that Clement's son Elie "purchased from his uncle Sir George Carteret, Bart, an estate at Mont des Vignes in the parish of St Peter on 10 October 1666, which has ever since continued in the possession of his descendants".

There is one inscribed stone visible at La Chaumiere, with CLM R, believed to refer to Jurat Le Montais. When his funeral took place at St Peter 'he was given much ceremony and many salutes of gunfire'; this Chevalier attributes to his relationship to Sir George.

Occupants of the property in the late 20th century recall a granite fireplace in the main bedroom, which had been covered, but was believed to have the date 1651 inscribed. The front door arch was inspired by two decorated arches at St Ouen's Manor, which are not seen elsewhere, giving credence to the de Carteret link.

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