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La Fontaine, St Ouen


This is one of three properties in the Millais district of St Ouen called either La Fontaine or La Fontaine Farm. The photograph shows the last stages of conversion of the former shop into living accommodation

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Mrs Mills inside the old shop

Property name

La Fontaine


Rue de la Fontaine, St Ouen

Type of property

Former house with shop

Families associated with the property

Mrs Mills ran the shop for many years until her retirement in the 1980s.

Historic Environment Record entry

Home of Louisa Gould. In late 1942, 17 months after the death of her son Edward, Louisa Gould and her sister Ivy Forster began sheltering a Russian slave worker named Fyodor ‘Bill’ Burriy, who had escaped from his labour camp. They sheltered him for 20 months when they were betrayed by their neighbours and traces of Bill, a camera and radio were discovered. Louisa died in the gas chamber at Ravensbrück in February 1945.

Notes and references

A picture taken in 1881 when the east wing was still a shop
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