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La Gabourellerie, St Ouen


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Property name

La Gabourellerie

Other names

La Gabourellerie Farm


Rue de la Gabourellerie

Type of property

Historic farm group with 16th century origins, now divided into separate homes


The property sold for £1,205,000 in 2010. It was offered for sale for £795,000 in 2017, but we believe that the property had been sub-divided in between

Families associated with the property

A second household in 1901 consisted of farmer George Le Boutillier (1842- ) and his son George Hubert (1878- )

The 1911 census shows Henry Le Boutillier (1872- ), a second cousin of John Thomas, his wife Henriette, nee Farrell (1872- ) and son Henry William at the property.

Henry William (1899- ) and his family were living here during the German Occupation. Mr Le Boutillier made an agricultural war claim in 1944. Living with him in 1941 were his wife Doris Louisa, nee Pipon (1905- ), his father and his second wife Alice, née Picot (1888- ).


Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

Historic farm group with circa 16th century origins, retaining character and evidence from various periods of its development. Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

Two-storye three-bay main house, east facing, linked to an earlier house/outbuilding to north by a wing of intermediate date. Rear lean-to outbuilding; a detached outbuilding/pigsties to north of main house.

The facade of the north facing older house has a very scarred and complex appearance which complicates the understanding of its original form. Its two-bay west side, with very small-stone construction and medieval-type windows, is clearly very ancient but the east side two bays with pierre perdu mortar appear to reveal the remains of either a now-blocked vehicular entrance or the position of a demolished tourelle. The former seems more likely, because if the presumed west side medieval context is correct it could not have originally functioned as the rear of a building with a tourelle. It seems more likely that the whole complex is the remains of some form of early gatehouse.

Detached outbuilding north of the main house: Single-storey three-bay, slate roof, random stone construction with rough-stone openings. This small building with its very small-stone construction could be of very early origins, but its actual age and original function are unknown, it appears to have been recently heightened by about a metre.


Old Jersey Houses

Despite its apparent very early origins, this house does not appear in either volume

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