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La Remise, St Brelade


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Property name

La Remise

Other names

Petite Maison du Mont les Vaux: Original name


Mont Les Vaux, St Aubin

Type of property

Two-storey cottage, much altered


1577 - stone in facade is not original but a modern carving. The date has no relevance to the property's history, other than that by coincidence it is the marriage year of the woman for whom the house was built.

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

Window apertures increased - lintels and sills. Unconventional projection of ground floor sills. Upper sills show signs of chiselling to increase opening. Front door frame is set back from the batter near the base of facade - a sign of age.

Internally little evidence of original. 19th century suffered fire damage. Possible time of brick replacement chimneys. 19th century wooden staircase and panelling removed late 20th century to give family room with new gable fireplace.

Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

Notes and references

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