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In 1836 the British and Foreign Steam Navigation Company built the Lady De Saumarez of 130 tons, which made her first trip to Jersey on 6 January 1836.


There was always great rivalry between the shipping companies and the Post Office packets and in January 1836, Captain Comben of the Post Office packet Ivanhoe challenged and raced Captain Goodridge, of the Lady De Saumarez, from Jersey to Guernsey. The Ivanhoe left 40 minutes before the Lady De Saumarez, but was passed off Grosnez. The Lady De Saumarez arrived at Guernsey 35 minutes ahead, owing to the fact that she had recently had new improved paddles fitted.

1837 report

However, the following year there was criticism of the performanceof the Lady de Saumarez in The Star:

"The Lady de Saumarez appears to have rather fallen off in speed this season, as she now seldom arrives here within 12 hours from her leaving Southampton. This may be owing to her having had her patent paddles, which were apt to get out of order, replaced by others on the old construction, which, although they stand much better than the patent ones, cause a great loss of power by their lifting the water, instead of propelling it like the former in a horizontal direction. It should also be borne in mind that the engines of this fine vessel, though rated fifties, are but of forty horsepower each, whilst those of the Atalanta are sixties, making upon the two engines a difference of fifty horses in favour of the last-mentioned vessel.
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