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Le Brun family page

This family can be traced in Jersey official records as far back as the 14th century


Amy Le Brun

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Origin of Surname

The original Le Brun would have had brown hair, although brun does have other meanings in old French and could have signified bright, sombre or unhappy.

Le Brun and Brun are very common names in Normandy and can be traced back to 1198, when a Petrus Brunnus was recorded. In Jersey, Richard Le Brun was living in 1331 in St Peter [Extente], where the family has long been settled, as it has been in St Ouen. The surname was also established in the rural part, la paroisse as opposed to La Ville, of St Helier, from the late 15th century, from which it spread to adjoining parishes.

The surname could have been formed in more than one location, within the Island.

Early records

The name is found in the above Extente of 1331 and Maudolyn and Piers Le Brun are in the Jersey Chantry Certificate of 1550.

Catherine Le Brun (1530- ) was the daughter of Servais (1500- ) of St Helier and married Nicholas Messervy.


  • Le Brun, 1299
  • Le Brune
  • Brun
  • de Brun
  • de Broune 1309
  • Le Brunet
  • La Brunette 1461

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Family histories

Joseph Phillip Le Brun ( -11 August 1875) Last person publicly hanged in the British Isles

Family businesses

Ploughing on the Le Brun farm at St Lawrence in 1904

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