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Origin of Surname

The Le Cronier family is believed by some to have arrived in Jersey as Huguenot refugees in the 17th century. However, in his Derivation of Jersey Surnames George Balleine notes that the name is found in the Extente of 1331 spelt Le Cornier.

He gives the translation 'maker of horn cups and spoons' as the derivation of the name.

There are no Le Croniers in the island today, but those who trace their ancestry to the tree below believe that this family was of Huguenot origin and not connected to the 1331 Le Cornier.

The same tree was included in Payne's Armorial of Jersey, with the clear indication that the first generation of the family arrived in Jersey after the revocation of the Treaty of Nantes.

The family's main claim to fame is that Centenier George Le Cronier, who appears in the same tree, was the first, and so far the only, Jersey Honorary Policeman to be murdered in the course of his duties. He was knifed by the keeper of a brothel whom he was attempting to arrest.


Family records

Le Cronier lineages in Jersey

Notable family members

  • Centenier George Le Cronier
  • There are also suggestions, which are so far unsubstantiated, that Charlotte Mary Jane Blayney Campbell Le Cronier (see descendancy above) was governess to the family of the Tzar of Russia.
  • Members of the Le Cronier family were privateers. In 1757 Captain Le Cronier commanding Defiance captured a Swedish prize. They ran the vessel ashore and added 12 feet to the length, a feat requiring a fair knowledge of shipbuilding. Earlier in July-October 1744 nine ships were taken by Le Cronier and Defiance. He returned to the island in 1757 accompanied by two large prizes which he had taken on their voyage from Bordeaux to America. Defiance sailed again and surprised a Swedish vessel valued £8,000. Altogether no fewer than 9 prizes valued at £486,440 fell to Le Cronier. Defiance was a 67 ton schooner, owned by Daniel Messervy. Contemporary reports of privateering involving Captain Le Cronier
  • The Le Croniers were also involved in the Newfoundland fishery. Peter Le Cronier, Good Friends, 1776-1789; Philip le Cronier, George, 1791. Peter Le Cronier and Co also owned the Reward, captained by P Dolbel. This vessel was registered in Gaspé, so the Le Croniers might also have been involved in the Gaspé fishery.


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