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Fortified farm

A once fortified farm or manor house “petit manoir”. dating from 15th century on the north shore of what was Braye du Valle.

At the beginning of the 17th century, the property belonged to the Germain family. The 1624 Livre de Perchage shows that a daughter Marie Germain (fille Gilles) was the only surviving member. She married Pierre Carey (fils Pierre). In July 1626, Pierre Carey sold his wife’s inheritance to Thomas Henry (fils Jean) of Les Mielles. Thomas was not the eldest son and therefore had probably brought the property for his family.

He had married Esther Maingis in 1620 and at that time had three children. His eldest son Nicolas predeceased both his parents and when Thomas died in 1653 his principal heir was his granddaughter, Nicolas’ only child, Marie Henry, an infant of only four years old.

She was born in 1649 and aged 20 on 11 November 1669 married Jean Henry (son of Pierre and Esther de Baugy), the grandson of Guillaume Henry who had purchased La Roque Balan on 22 October 1610. As a result of this marriage, the Jean and Marie owned three farms La Roque Balan, Maison de Baugy and Le Grand Tertre. The family settled in Le Grand Tertre and in 1671 La Roque Balan was sold.

They only had one child, Esther Henry who died in 1671 less than a year old. Marie died the following year in 1672. On 5 August 1673, in Sark, Pierre remarried to Judith Falla of Les Roques Barrées; in the same ceremony his sister Lawrence married Judith’s brother Jean Falla.

Henry line extinct

In the same month, August 1673, Jean Henry died and his second wife Judith followed him to the grave a month later. Thus within a few months the Henry’s of Le Tertre became extinct and somehow the property passed to his sister Lawrence rather than back to her sister in law’s branch of the Henry family. Lawrence and Jean Falla lived at Le Grand Tertre, rather than Les Roques Barrées, and their five children (four boys and one girl) were all born there.

Jean Falla died in 1684 leaving Lawrence a woman of considerable property. She remarried twice, in 1688 to Jean des Hayes (son of the former minister of the Vale, Elie des Hayes), which was short lived and to Nicolas de Jersey of Les Touillets Castel.

This last marriage produced two children, a son Pierre and a daughter Marie, who died unwed in 1707. Her eldest son, Jean Falla, when he came of age and married Marie Lihou in 1698, inherited and went to live at Les Roques Barrées.

When Lawrence Henry died in 1731, her grandson, Jean made his home at Le Tertre, until he inherited Les Roques Barrées on the death of his father in 1738.

Le Tertre then passed to his uncle, Pierre Falla, the youngest son of Jean snr, who had married Anne Marthe Moulin (daughter of Nicolas). Their eldest son, Jean sold Le Tertre in May 1794 to James Le Marchant, married to Suzanne Falla (daughter of Daniel) his 1st cousin once removed. Jean Falla moved to London and died there five months later aged 37.

Le Tertre was purchased by Thomas Ogier, son of Pierre, of La Ville Baudu, on 27 September 1822 and owned by the descendants of his brother Pierre (He and his wife Marie Mahy had no children).


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