Le Gresley burial records 1820-1978

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Le Gresley burial records

The records of Jersey's seven major undertakers from 1820 to the late 1970s are held by Jersey Archive and have been digitised and indexed by archive staff and volunteers. We previously provided family page listings of the records of Croad's, a single business, but have now combined all the records into a single new index and are progressively updating the lists in our family pages. The full records are available to subscribers to the Archive's online service. The entries within the volumes give vital family history information such as the name and age of the person buried, their immediate relations, the place and date of death, as well as place of burial - cemetery, location of grave and even the coffin's depth. Some records also give details of the deceased's occupation or public positions held.


The first records, from 1867, in the Croad Livre de Remarques

The books can be viewed on line or downloaded. Each set for each undertaker has an index which subscribers can view online or download.

It can be a lengthy process searching for records because there are separate indexes for each funeral director and most do not give a date of burial. This means that several volumes may have to be accessed when searching for details of an ancestor's burial. Although the Archive website has a search facility which allows a search for individual names, the results can include all manner of other records in their catalogue and, unless the exact spelling of a name is known, the required record will not be found.

Jerripedia has not only created a full A-Z index for all 66,000-plus records, with the year of burial included for the benefit of our users who have an Archive subscription, but we are adding indexes of records, such as this one, for individual families included in our 1,200-plus family pages, which include all the island's most important families.

This link is to the Archive website page containing links to the seven sets of records. The page will open for everybody but only subscribers will be able to view the records

Some records use page numbers and sequential record numbering. Most of the Archive indexes do not include dates. All our indexes and lists give dates, and having identified the undertaker and date of funeral from this listing you can then easily find the volume containing the record.

The Archive indexes contain some very unusual spellings for common Jersey surnames. We are cross-checking these with the images of the undertaker's books and finding that most are errors of transcription, which can be corrected for our index, although the process of checking against the books is very time-consuming. Some of the handwriting in the books is very difficult to read, and there may also be errors in the entries. We are correcting names when we are entirely satisfied that a common surname has been wrongly entered or transcribed. Variations of common names which may be correct are included at the end of family name indexes, and have been left in the full A-Z indexes.

Our advice is the same as it is with any other set of records included in Jerripedia. If you don't find an ancestor where you expect to, look for variations in spelling and, perhaps for names with or without prefixes, such as Le, La, L', de and du. Variations may appear next to records for names spelt in the standard form; they may also be some way out of sequence.

Please note that the work of updating all our family page burial lists to include all funeral directors is not yet complete, and some pages still link to an incomplete listing for a single business. Note also that there were other undertakers in business over the years whose records are not included in this collection. For families with a significant number of records we have created a separate page, but when there are only a few records the link may be to an A-Z index page, and you will need to scroll through the alphabetical listing to find the family you are interested in.

  • Burial records: Our main index to undertakers' registers, cemetery records and gravestone images
Page number Record number Forenames Surname Maiden name Previous
married name
Associated names Notes Year
of burial
Funeral director
293b Ada Ann Le Gresley Gavey 1948 Le Quesne
21696 Adèla Le Gresley 1957 Croad
2155 Adelaide Poingdestre Le Gresley 1888 Croad
332 39 Adolphus Percival Le Gresley 1878 Croad
463 Albert William Whitley Le Gresley 15/09/1862 Sinatt
60a Alfred John Philip Le Gresley 1952 Pitcher
467&468 Alice Le Gresley 17/04/1885 Sinatt
192 Aline Marie Gautier Le Gresley 1927 Sinatt
309 Amelia Susan Le Gresley Le Masurier 1934 Sinatt
174 55 Ann Le Gresley 26/03/1875 Sinatt
2667 Ann Le Gresley 1850 Picot
14143 Ann Jane Le Gresley 1928 Croad
13885 Ann Maud Le Gresley 1927 Croad
20105 Anna Jane Le Gresley Le Maistre 1950 Croad
12494 Anne Le Gresley Mauger 1870 Picot
13526 Annie Susan Le Gresley Grimshaw Esnouf 1926 Croad
231a Arnold Philip Le Gresley 1967 Le Quesne
264 Blanche Louisa Le Gresley 1880 Croad
341b Celestine Marie Josephine Le Gresley Kergoat 1965 Le Quesne
252b Celia Ann Le Gresley Poingdestre 1954 Le Quesne
52a Charles Le Gresley 1951 Pitcher
7067 Charles Le Gresley 1860 Picot
9486 Charles Alfred Le Gresley 1912 Croad
264b Clarence Le Gresley 1954 Le Quesne
7045 Clarence George Le Gresley 1904 Croad
392 Clementine Le Gresley née Pinel 1974 Pitcher and Le Quesne
3015 Edouard Le Gresley 1891 Croad
10546 Edouard Le Gresley 1916 Croad
18522 Edouard Le Gresley 1943 Croad
6673 Edouard Le Gresley 1859 Picot
218 and 219 Elfreda Thulia Le Gresley Machon 1889 Sinatt
11879 Eliza Le Gresley 1920 Croad
10786 Eliza Jane Le Gresley Le Boutillier 1916 Croad
215a Eliza Jane Le Gresley 1942 Le Quesne
7599 Eliza Margaret Le Gresley 1861 Picot
103b Eliza Marguerie Le Gresley Coutanche 1928 Le Quesne
4422 Eliza Mary Le Gresley Fauvel 1854 Picot
4743 Eliza Mary Le Gresley 1855 Picot
358 Elizabeth Le Gresley De La Mare 05/11/1860 Sinatt
210a,210b 53 Elizabeth Le Gresley 1882 Sinatt
332 114 Elizabeth Le Gresley Le Boutillier 1872 Croad
6442 Elizabeth Le Gresley Syvret 1902 Croad
7920 Elizabeth Le Gresley Morris 1907 Croad
10383 Elizabeth Le Gresley Le Boutillier 1915 Croad
12125 Elizabeth Le Gresley Picot 1921 Croad
13868 Elizabeth Le Gresley 1927 Croad
3244 Elizabeth Le Gresley Lucas 1852 Picot
13727 Elizabeth Le Gresley Robinson 1874 Picot
10089 Elizabeth Elise Le Gresley Le Gresley 1914 Croad
629 Elizabeth Jane Le Gresley Father Philippe 1848 Picot
933 Elizabeth Marguerite Le Gresley Mortimer 1883 Croad
107a Elizabeth Rachel Le Gresley Webber Le Gros 1955 Le Quesne
15044 Elsie Annie Le Gresley Messervy 1931 Croad
424 Elvis Louisa Le Gresley née Le Brun 1974 Pitcher and Le Quesne
2715 Emilie Le Gresley Hamptonne 1890 Croad
19043 Ernest Alfred Arthur Le Gresley 1946 Croad
348a Ernest John Le Gresley 1974 Pitcher and Le Quesne
3670 Esther Le Gresley Baudains 1893 Croad
6772 Esther Le Gresley Nicolle 1903 Croad
6009 Eva Maud Le Gresley 1900 Croad
6813 Florence Cecilia Le Gresley 1903 Croad
39a Florence May Le Gresley 1915 Le Quesne
4407 Francis Le Gresley 1895 Croad
11859 Francis Le Gresley 1920 Croad
498 17082 Francis Le Gresley 1938 Croad
16134 Francis Henry Le Gresley 1935 Croad
11220 Francis John Le Gresley 1918 Croad
11307 François Le Gresley 1918 Croad
493 17063 Frank Le Gresley 1938 Croad
4320 Frederick Le Gresley 1895 Croad
9317 Frederick Le Gresley 1912 Croad
577 - 578 155 Frederick William Le Gresley 11/11/1878 Sinatt
14813 Genevieve Mary Le Gresley Thomas 1930 Croad
20354 George Le Gresley 1951 Croad
160 George Hamptonne Le Gresley 1927 Sinatt
494 and 495 Georgina Laurens Le Gresley 1891 Sinatt
9073 Harold Le Gresley 1911 Croad
14969 Harold Philip Le Gresley 1931 Croad
147,148 Harriet Le Gresley Nicolle 1923 Sinatt
21211 Henry Le Gresley 1955 Croad
7302 Ida Eva Le Gresley 1905 Croad
18398 Ida May Le Gresley Ereaut 1943 Croad
174 and 175 Infant Le Gresley 1889 Sinatt
146 Infant Le Gresley 1936 Sinatt
21a Infant Le Gresley 1966 Pitcher
19787 Isabella Regina Amelia Le Gresley Le Rossignol 1949 Croad
6774 Jane Le Gresley 1903 Croad
11717 Jane Le Gresley de Gruchy 1919 Croad
14033 Jane Le Gresley Le Cornu Hamon 1927 Croad
20032 Jane Le Gresley Harley 1950 Croad
2537 Jane Le Gresley Laurens 1889 Croad
5843 Jane Ann Le Gresley Infant 1857 Picot
10055 Jane Elizabeth Le Gresley Journeaux 1914 Croad
15844 Jane Elizabeth Le Gresley 1934 Croad
16369 Jane Rachel Marquand Le Gresley Le Gresley 1936 Croad
167 18 Jean Le Gresley 1915 Sinatt
7902 Jean Le Gresley 1907 Croad
11176 Jean Le Gresley 1917 Croad
6009 Jean Le Gresley 1858 Picot
34 and 35 John Le Gresley 1889 Sinatt
138 John Le Gresley 1926 Sinatt
332 147 John Le Gresley 1875 Croad
7815 John Le Gresley 1907 Croad
210 John Le Gresley 1956 Pitcher
1b John Le Gresley 1913 Le Quesne
1066 John Coutanche Hamptonne Le Gresley 1884 Croad
7403 John Ernest Le Gresley 1905 Croad
8951 John Francis Le Gresley 1911 Croad
19230 John Josué Le Gresley 1947 Croad
35 John Philip Le Gresley 1974 Pitcher and Le Quesne
236a John Philip Le Gresley 1961 Le Quesne
20851 John Philip Le Gresley 1953 Croad
3286 John Philippe Le Gresley 1852 Picot
18400 John Sidney Le Gresley 1943 Croad
21a Lena Florence Le Gresley Pratt 1958 Pitcher
30 Leonard Francis Le Gresley 1969 Pitcher
293a Leonie Clotilde Le Gresley Le Conte 1964 Le Quesne
18 Lily Violet Le Gresley Le Francois 1974 Pitcher and Le Quesne
9641 Maria Rachel Le Gresley 1865 Picot
185 Marie Louise Le Gresley née Morin 1973 Pitcher and Le Quesne
207b Marie Rose Desiree Le Gresley Couquelin Pallot 1961 Le Quesne
331 39 Mary Le Gresley Coalback 1871 Croad
4866 Mary Ann Le Gresley Coutanche 1896 Croad
8701 Mary Ann Le Gresley Trigg 1910 Croad
11826 Mary Ann Le Gresley 1920 Croad
12534 Matilda Jane Le Gresley Le Maistre 1922 Croad
66 Matthieu Le Gresley 1843 Picot
20921 Maud Jane Le Gresley Le Sauteur 1953 Croad
105 46 Maud Margaret Le Gresley 06/06/1874 Sinatt
21255 Percy Clifford Le Gresley 1955 Croad
102a,102b 9 Philip Le Gresley 1881 Sinatt
11366 Philip Le Gresley 1918 Croad
66a Philip Le Gresley 1926 Le Quesne
442 Philip Clarence Le Gresley 1935 Sinatt
13484 Philip John Le Gresley 1873 Picot
1914 Philippe Le Gresley 1887 Croad
339&340 Philippe Francois Le Gresley 14/11/1892 Sinatt
27&28 PhilippeFrançois Le Gresley 08/05/1891 Sinatt
9993 Phyliss Maud Le Gresley 1914 Croad
11415 Raymond John Le Gresley 1918 Croad
212A Raymond John Le Gresley 1977 Pitcher and Le Quesne
19044 Richard Martin Le Gresley 1946 Croad
14897 Rose Helena Le Gresley 1930 Croad
12044 Samuel Le Gresley 1920 Croad
11371 Sarah Le Gresley Harley 1918 Croad
20793 Selina Esther Le Gresley Cabot 1953 Croad
279a Sophie Marie Le Gresley Le Quesne Mallet 1944 Le Quesne
9049 Stanley John Le Gresley 1911 Croad
6670 Susan Mary Le Gresley de Gruchy 1903 Croad
388 and 389 Susanne Le Gresley Piton 1890 Sinatt
2759 Thomas Philip Le Gresley 1851 Picot
13402 William Le Gresley 1925 Croad
6238 Winifred Ellen Le Gresley 1901 Croad
2315 Winter William Le Gresley 1888 Croad
242a Ypres Rose Le Gresley Laurent 1957 Pitcher
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