Le Gresley family members who served in World War 1

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Le Gresley family members who served in the Great War

Two members of the family lost their lives while serving in the armed forces and a further 23 saw active service in World War 1

  • Frank Le Gresley (1878- ) (St O), son of Jean and Sophie, Private, Hampshire Regiment, killed in action
  • Peter John Le Gresley (1878- ) (St C) son of Jean and Francoise, Private, Machine Gun Corps, killed in action
  • Ernest Le Gresley (1871- ) son of John and Elizabeth, Rifleman, Royal Irish Rifles
  • Alfred E Le Gresley (1880- ) (St Mt) son of Francis and Jane, Sergeant, RE
  • Alfred John Philip Le Gresley (St H), Private, Royal Army Veterinary Corps
  • Arthur John Le Gresley (St C), OV, Private, RAMC
  • Charles Le Gresley (St O), Corporal, South Africa
  • Edward Falle Le Gresley (1872- ) (St B) son of Edouard and Adele Marie, ex-RMIJ, Gunner, Royal Garrison Artillery
  • Ernest Le Gresley (St My), Private, Hampshire Regiment
  • Ernest A Le Gresley (St H), Private, Royal Fusiliers
  • Francis Le Gresley (St O), Private, Royal Jersey Garrison Battalion, ex-RMIJ
  • Francis Henry Le Gresley (St Mt), Private, Hampshire Regiment
  • Francis John Le Gresley (1897- ) (St O), Driver, Canadian Field Artillery, wounded
  • Frank Le Gresley (1878- ) (St O) son of Francois and Sophie, Gunner, Royal Garrison Artillery
  • George Le Gresley (St Mt), ex-RMIJ, Gunner RE
  • Harold Philip Le Gresley (St Mt), Aircraft Mechanic, RFC, RAF
  • John Le Gresley (St O), ex-RMIJ. Private, Labour Corps
  • John Le Gresley (St O), Private, Devonshire Regiment, ex-RMIJ
  • John George Le Gresley (St B), Private, RJGB
  • John Peter Le Gresley (St H), Private, Hampshire Regiment
  • John Philip Le Gresley (St O), Private, Hampshire Regiment
  • Philip Le Gresley (1880- ) (St My), Private, Canadian Forestry Corps
  • Philip George Le Gresley (St C), Private, Training Reserve Battalion
  • Sidney le Gresley (St O), Private, Somerset Light Infantry
  • William Le Gresley (St H), Gunner RGA
  • William de Lecq Le Gresley (St Mt), Corporal, RGA
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