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Origin of Surname

Le Noury translated in Guernesiaise (however loosely, means ‘the nourished ones’) which probably relates to the fact that the early tribal name was formed on the fact that they ate well and were a farming group of peoples.

The French word NOURRIER translated into English means "to feed"

The earliest reference to the Le Noury family in Guernsey is when Ammos Le Nourry married Jeanne Brache in the St Saviours Church on 16 Nov 1622, no baptism records have been found of there children, but a few names appear that could be there grand children, Nicolas Le Nouri married Rachel Le Tellier 15 Oct 1680 St Saviour, Pierre Le Nourri married Judith Jehan 23 Oct 1680 St Saviour, Elizabeth Le Noury married Pierre Lestoumel, 25 0ct 1683, Castel, Pierre Le Nourri married Judith Roberge (marraige date unknown),

Jean Le Noury christianed 27 Mar 1681 Castel, parents Nicollas Le Noury, Rachel Pipet, Janne Le Noury christianed 3 Jan 1686 Castel, parents Nicollas Le Noury, Rachel Le Tellier, Nicolas Le Nourri christained 27mar 1692 Castel, parents Nicolas Le Nourri, Elizabeth Le Tullier,

Pierre Le Nourri married Judith Roberge in the Vale church about 1695, would appear the first of the Vale bloodline


  • Le Nouri, Le Nourri, Le Nourry


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