Les Alpes Cottage

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Les Alpes
Les Alpes

It is often the smaller house hidden away behind a larger one in Jersey which is more ancient and more interesting.

So it is with the cottage behind the larger Les Alpes, built by the former Constable, Thomas Messervy in 1900.

Les Alpes Cottage was also a Messervy property, as evidenced by the marriage stone 17 TMS EVP 51, indicating, not the 1745 marriage of Thomas Messervy to Elizabeth Valpy, but work which must have been undertaken on their house in 1751.

The house is indeed older than this and a 17th century round arch has survived.

Other 18th century occupants appear to have been Thomas Messervy and Mary Dolbel, evidenced by a TMS MDB 1741 datestone and Payne's Armorial of Jersey also records a George Messervy and Mary Dolbel, although this may be an error.

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