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Les Lumieres, St Brelade


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Property name

Les Lumieres

Other names


Route Orange, St Brelade

Type of property

Les Lumieres, an art deco house on Route Orange was designed for a builder's merchant by the architect Arthur Grayson and was supposed to cost £2,500, but the bill rose to £10,000. In 1932, when it was completed, the house caused a sensation. People walked, cycled and drove from all over the island to see the amazing new building.

Purchased for £1 million in 2004 by an anonymous businessman, and restored probably for a similar sum, Les Lumieres was back to its original glory after decades of neglect. However, it was sold again for just over £1.4 million in 2020


Sold for £1,442,620 in 2020

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Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

Les Lumieres is an outstanding example of a 1930s Modernist house, which is of international significance.

Designed by AB Grayson in 1932, commissioned as a family house for Ernest Huelin, Les Lumieres is rightly regarded as his finest work. Grayson was in the vanguard of the modernist movement in Jersey and showcases his imagination and ingenuity together with a quality of craftsmanship and striking use of materials. It retains its innovative modernist form and character.

The triple-height rounded bay on the garden front is particularly impressive, but there is a mass of other notable features including a ladder window in the staircase tower, a cantilevered balcony and Hope's Sliding and Folding Windows in the drawing room.

The house is the earliest use of cavity blockwork construction in the Island and Grayson added porthole windows to introduce a nautical theme in keeping with Jersey's seafaring tradition. The design also includes a curving wing to the east - now adjoining a new indoor swimming pool. Grayson's unity of architectural vision, and attention to detail, extended to all aspects of the house and its grounds - including the design of the curved fitted furniture, chrome balustrade staircase, light fittings and geometric patterned doors, as well as to small details such as the doorbell and letterbox.

His designs in the garden complement the layout and design of the house with a broad patio across the south elevation, stepping down on to an arrow terrace pointing due south.

A full refurbishment of the house was completed in 2004 in character with the original property - including restoration of the fitted furniture and chrome work. Some alterations were made to the kitchen, but otherwise the internal form of the house remains unchanged. An insulating coating was added to the external walls and a new wall built alongside the road, but retaining the original single gate pier with the name of the house in Jazz-Age lettering.

The project received a Jersey Design Award in 2004 and a UK Civic Trust Mention in 2005.

A photograph of the house taken shortly after its completion

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