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Lesbirel family page

This surname is found in Jersey records as Le Sbirel, Lesbirel and Le Sebirel


Lesbirel family: Francois (1841- ), Alice (1855- ) and their chidren Lena (1890- ), Percy (1886- ), Lilian (1881- ), Arthur (1878- ), Elsie (1876- ), Sydney (1882- ), Stanley (1888- ) and Margaret (1891- )

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Origin of Surname

The origin of this old Jersey surname is not known. Several spellings can be found in old Jersey records, although some are undoubtedly errors. Although the various branches are believed to have had a common origin, spellings varied from parish to parish at one time.

The majority of records use one of three spellings: Le Sebirel, Lesbirel and the seemingly unpronounceable Le Sbirel. Although we have retained separate spellings in some of the submitted family trees (below) we have grouped all baptism records together under one heading embracing the three main spellings in our database.

Early records

Collas, Johan and Thomas Lesbirel are listed in the Jersey Chantry Certificate of 1550

The first baptism was registered in Grouville in 1593.

The following known records predate that:

  • Thomasse Lesbirel was born in St Martin about 1500. She married Vincent Maret
  • Thomas Le Sebirel was born in Jersey in about 1506 and married Laurence Messervy in about 1530 in St Martin
  • Simeon Lesbirel was born in St John about 1540. His son Helier (1560- ) married Collette Cristin and they had sons Symeon (1590- ), Jean (1594- ), Symeon (1598- ), Edouard (1600- ) and daughter Marie (1605- ).
  • Guillaume Le Sebirel was born in Jersey in 1548 and married Marguerite Messervy
  • Richard Lesbirel was born in St John about 1550
  • Richard Lesbirel was born in St John about 1564
  • Simon Lesbirel was born in St Saviour in about 1566 and Married Elizabeth Neel on 8 February 1590 in St Saviour
  • Elizabeth Le Sebirel, born in St John in about 1568 was the daughter of Thomas. She married Guilleaume Le Goupil on 25 February 1589 and died in 1630.
  • Ann Lesbirel was born in St John about 1569. She was the daughter of Jacques and Andrice Le Marinel, who also had a son Jean (1572- ) who married Judith Sarre
  • Richard Lesbirel was born in Jersey about 1580 and married Martha Pipon, daughter of Richard and Philippine Gosselin
  • Sara Lesbirel was born in Trinity about 1585 and died in 1662. She was the daughter of Nicolas. She married Abraham Esnouf on 25 June 1606
  • Jean Lesbirel was born in St John about 1580 and married Judith
  • Cecille Le Sebirel was born in St John about 1584 and married Jean Valpy
  • Pierre Lesbirel was born in Trinity about 1587. His daughter Elizabeth (1616- ) m (1646) Jean Marett, s of Jean and Jeanne Gruchy
  • Jean Lesbirel was born in Herupe, St John, in about 1591


  • Lesbirel1668
  • Le Sebirel, 1461
  • Le Sebirell 1607
  • Sybirel 1528
  • Le Sebyrel
  • Seberell
  • Sibirell 1515
  • Le Sibrel
  • Le Syverel
  • Le Syberell
  • Le Sbirel

Family recordss


Family trees

The first two trees overlap - see Generation 3 Jeannette/Genette Le Sbirel m Thomas Malzard - but this may be a coincidence and both trees, which are from separate sources, are presented here with the caution that the early generations are subject to considerable doubt. The third tree, which also overlaps with the other two, is from more recent research and believed to be the most reliable. The following two trees give further information about the same family. They have been provided by Lesbirel researcher Maryan Egan-Baker

Later trees

A new set of trees


Church records


Lesbirel family members who served in World War 1

  • Edward Lesbirel (St H), Private, Canadian Infantry
  • Winter Lesbirel (St O), Sapper RE


Family wills

Family photographs

Family businesses

Family gravestones

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