List of deportees to internment camps

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The camp 'orchestra' at Biberach
Maud Otter

Channel Islanders deported to internment camps in 1942 and 1943. This list is from the Occupation Memorial website and was revised by Michael Ginns MBE in 2003.

A number of lists of deportees are available from varying sources. The most comprehensive were the contemporary lists published in the Channel Islands Monthly Reviews. The following is extracted from those lists. Individuals may appear in more than one list. Due to the wartime circumstances under which these lists were compiled, they contain a number of duplications, omissions and errors.


Jersey to Biberach 1942

Source: Channel Islands Monthly Review December 1942. Families are listed together. The surname is first followed by the first names of each family member

ABERNETHY, Stanier, Daisy ADAMS, Arthur, Marie AGER, Jack
ALCOCK, Bernard ALDOUS, Thomas AMOORE, Gordon
ANDERSON, Stanley ANDREWS, Jeremiah, Ernest ARBUCKLE, Hugh, Julie
ARMSTRONG, Rosina ASHDOWN, Leonard Clarence and Mrs F ASTE, Percy, Eveline
ATYEO, Beatrice, Cecil, Henry AUGHTON, Jeffrey AYRES, Frederick
BACON, John, Elizabeth BAKER, Charles, Elise BAKER, Mary, Maud, Robert Vernon
BALL, Clifford, , Lorraine, Margaret, Martin, Nigel, Patricia BARKER, Doris, William BARNES, Collette, Ethel, Geraldine, John
BARNETT, Esther, John, Anthony BARR, Albert, Eleanor M., and Miss Eleanor W. BARTLEY, Charles, H., Mary, P., Mary, E., Sarah
BAVERSTOCK, Gladys, M., Pamela, Stanley BELL, Roger, M., Patricia BENJAMIN, William,
BENNETT, Alfred, Audrey, Maurice BENNETT, Herbert, Vera BERRY, Albert, E., Amy, Sidney, W., Lilian, May
BLACKBURN, John, A. BLACKWOOD, Alice BLACKWOOD, John, Lionel, J., Pamela
BLISS, Barry, Frederick, Pauline BOALCH, William BONNEY, Clement, Frank
BOWDEN, Adeline, Maud, George F. E. BRANSBURY, Eric, John BRENAN, Edward, Hardy
BRIGGS, Albert E., Claudia BRINT, Henry, Marjorie, Ruby, Ruby Maud, Therese BRITTON, Samuel
BROOKS, Thomas BROUGH, Frederick BROWN, William
BRYANT, Joseph, Richard, Violet, Millroy J. BUCKNER, Alice, William BUDGE, Olive, Bertram
BULL, Jessie, Stephen, Lewis BULMER, Frank BURGES, Gladys, John, Peter, Thomas, Wendy
BURGES, Violet, Luise BURTONSHAW, Albert, William BUTLER, Alice, Sylvia, Patricia, William
CALDIC, William CAMPBELL, Donald, Arthur CANNON, George W., Ellen L., George W.
CARTER, G.H. , Mrs G.M. , and Miss Constance CARTER, Blanche, William CASE, Caroline, William C., William J.
CASENTIER, George, Violet, Joyce, M. CHALLINOR, Philip, Alfred CHAPMAN, Arthur, Lawrence
CHATER, Constance, Mary CHEGWYN, Elsie Alice, Walter CHINN, Jessie C., Mary C., Robert, Robert (Junr.)
CHURCHILL, Edward, George CLAYDON, Frank, Rita W., Rosemary, Beryl CLEMENT, Mabel, Walter
CLOSS, Claude COLLIS, Adelaide, Hannah COMBER, Allan, Bryanm
COMBER, Marion, Elizabeth CONSTABLE, Emma, Julien, Frederick COOKSON, Cecil
COOPER, Eva, Doris COOPER, Samuel COUTANCHE, John, Delphine, Richard
COWAN, Walter, Bertha CRABTREE, Hubert CRACKWELL, Daisy M., William, Augustus
CRAIG, Jenny, Thomas CRESPIN, Amelia, John CRUMPTON, Fredk. R., Georgina, Mary
CUSTARD, Mabel, Will DAVIES, Elsie, Eunice, Herbert, Thomas DEVONALD, Alice, Percy
DICK, James DOIG, David DOLBY, Samuel, Lilian, Lilian, Pauline
DOUGHTY, Preston, Gladys M. DOWDALL, Eric DOWNER, Fredk., May,
DOWSING, Albert, Colleen, Phyllis DRAGE, William, Bernice, David DRINKWATER, William
DUFFELL, Horace, Janet DUNN, Horace, Eunice, Jean, Norma, Richard, Thora DYER, Florence, Henry
EARLEY, Anthony EARWAKER, George EDWARDS, Frederick
ELKINS, Frederick, Marcus, Muriel, Therese ENGLEFIELD, Daniel EVEREST, Edith, Henry, Lizzie, William, Margaret
FARBON, Albert E., Rosemary FAULDER, Robert FEENEY, John, Patrick
FELTON, Rosemary FEENEY, James, Ellen, Doreen, Bernard FENTON, Frederick, Irene, Joan, Marie, Arnold
FERGUSON, Harry FERNE, Emily, Harry, Peter FIELD, Hedley, Jessie
FIELDHOUSE, Leonard, Mary FIELDING, Mary, Finch FIRMIN, Beatrice, Jack F., Olive F., Peter F.
FISH, Florence, Harold M. FISK, David FORWARD, Aloilde, Marion, Olive, Thomas
FOSTER, Enid, Frank N., Frank N. (Senr.), Stephane FRASER, Charles, Sarah FRENCH, Francis J., Susanne Lucy
FROST, Fred FRYER, Eveline, Joan, William GABB, Fredk, Maria, Michael, Nancy
GAMBLIN, Edward G., Elizabeth GARVIN, Dolores, Elsie, Rupert GILBERT, Bertha Cecile
GINNS, Emma, William, Michael, William, Tyrell GOLDIE, Violet, Joan, William GOULD, Magdalene, Ronald, Barbara, Raymond
GRAFTON-TOTTEM, T., and Mrs K. GRANT, Jack, May GRAY, Elsie, George, Pauline
GREAVES, A., James, John L. , Joyce GREEN, Alfred, Mabel, John, Marjorie, Richard, Ursula GREEN, Leslie, George
GRIMSHAW, Doris, Fredk A. , Roy, Sheila GROOM, Alice Emily, Herbert GRUBB, Gladys, John, Leonard
GRUBB, Miss Irene GUNNER, Mary, Walter, Jean, Gwendoline GUZZWELL, John, Marie, John
HAGUE, Ernest, Irene, Victoria, William, Jack HAMMOND, George, Iris, Vera HAMON, Hilda Maud
HANNIGAN, George, Henry HANSON, Charles, Thomas HARDING, James, Eliza
HARRINGTON, Louisa HARRINGTON, Thomas HARRIS, Jean, Iris, Pauline, Stanley
HARRIS, Lillian, Mark, Rodney HARTOPP, Bernard, Cecil HAWTHORN, Elizabeth, Joseph, William
HAYES, Herbert, James HAYWARD, Alfred, Ethel HEMPSTEAD, Agnes, Albert Morris
HEPBURN, Dorothy, Harold, Mary Rose HEWKIN, Leslie HEXT, Kenneth Charles, Bessie
HEY, Norman HICKMAN, Iris, John, Rodney HIGGS, Edward H., Miss Patricia
HILTON, Capt. John, Mrs. Marie HIROM, William HODGETTS, Julia, May
HODGETTS, Philip, Mallet HOLLAND, George, HOLMES, Gertrude, Jean, John
HONEY, Elise, Leslie HOOK, Peter HOWARD, John, Miyaed, Samuel, Violet
HOWE, Francelise, Margeurite, Marie, Therese, William HUGHES, Charles, Dorothy, Frank, William HUNT, Walter
HUTTON, Barbara, Kenneth, John, Joan, Peter, Roger INGRAM, Clifford, Joan INGRAM, Ellen, Henry
JACKSON, Harold, Florence, May, Minnie, Royden, Harold, Eric, Jacqueline JALBON, Hilary JARRETT, Vernon
JAULDER, Nellie JINLAY, William JOHNSON, Thomas
JONES, Doris, Joseph, Aubin Edward, Robert JONES, Alice, Elsie, Henry Frederick JONES, Jeinan, Mary, Phyllis
JORDAN, Stephen JOY, Ernest, Grace JUPP, Lindsey, Frances C., Frances M., Elizabeth
KACHLEEN, Hilda KEMP, Adeline, Percy KENNETT, Walter
KING, Gerald, Hazel, Herbert, Mabel KINGSWELL, Albert, Doreen, Ethel KIRK, Elizabeth, Fredk
KIRTLEY, Clifford LAIRD, John LANGHAM, Emma, Thomas
LATTER, Arthur, Ethel, John LAVERE, Ellen, Harry LE CAPPELAIN, Godfrey
LE GROS, John, Violet, Muriel LE MOEUR, Margaret, Emily LEADER, James, Eugenie M., Edward, James H., Joan, John, Marguerite, Peter H.
LENNOX-THOMPSON, James, Florence LEWIS, Aimee, John, Harold, Eunice, Edward, Irene, Margaret, Raymond LINES, Peter
LOMAX, George LUPTON, Alfred, Florence, Alfred (Jnr.) LYNN, Frederick, Winnie, June, Marjorie, Violet, Carol
MACPHERSON, William, Hilda MAGNUS, Dudley, Jessie MAINE, Thomas, Sybil, Peggy, Charles, June
MARETT, Arthur, Isabel, Elizabeth, Peggy MARSHALL, John, Clarice MASON, ldris
MATHESON, Frank MATTHEWS, Maurice, Henry, John, Noel, Basil, Bernard MAYNE, Bernice, Myra, Richard, Robert, Robert Jnr.
MCALLISTER, Frederick, Marie, David, James, Patricia MCKECHNIE, Thomas, Mary MCKEOUGH, Charles, Agnes, John
MCQUEEN, George, Ada, Colleen, Maureen MORLEY, Cecil MOTTO, Arthur, Georgina
MOTTO, Joseph, Raymond, Vernon, and Mrs. H. M. MUCKERSIE, Simon NANCARROW, Francis, Elsie
NEWTON, Stanley, Roselle, Roy NICHOLAS, Joseph OBOTT, Leslie, Doris
OBOTT, Stanley, Olive O'CONNOR, John, Ivy, Michael OLIVER, Dr. Harold
OMMANEY, Douglas OSBORNE, Henry, Eileen, Maureen, Vernon OTTER, Matthew, Maud
PADDOCK, Thomas, Louise, David, Doreen, Jeanette, Margaret, Michael, Simonne PAGE, Francis, Emmy, David PAPAZIAN, Nerses
PARKER, Thomas, Eva PARR, Alfred, Lucy PARRE, Hazel
PARRISS, John, Georgina PARROTT, George, Ada, George PARRY, Albert, Hazel, Mabel
PASSFIELD, Harold PATRICKSON, Inman, Mary, Jean, James, Christopher PEACOCK, Blanche, William, David, Jean, Mary
PEARSON, Mary, Henry PELLETT, William, Rosetta PHILLIPS, Henry, Cissie, Dennis
PIGGOTT, John, Caroline PINFIELD, Thomas, Marie PITTARD, Ivor
PLAIN, Louise, Albert, Valentine, Roger, Malcolm POPEJOY, Robert, Marie PORTER, John, Mabel, Rex, Doreen, Maisie
PREWETT, Harold PRIESTLEY, Frank, Constance, Ramon, Brian, Lois PROUDLEY, Sidney
PURDY, George, Maud PURKIS, Leslie, Sophia, Rosemary, David PURTON, Ernestine, Susan Winton
QUEREE, Arthur, Florence, Roy A., David, John RAY, Frank, Catherine REID, George, Maud
REYNOLDS, William RICKARD, Bertha, George RIORDAN, Robert, Gladys, Ann, Phyllis
ROBERTS, William, Kathleen, Patrick ROSS, James, Katherine, Barbara SALMON, Frank, Annie, Joan, Beryl
SAUNDERS, Albert, Margaret, Clifton, Dorothy SAUNDERS, Arthur SAVAGE, David
SEARLE, Robert SECKER, Frederick, Lilian, Janet, Maud SELBY, Sidney, Irene, Pamela
SHEPHERD, Kempton, Maud, Michael, Anthony SIMONS, George, Iris, Raynaud, Maureen SIMPSON, Herbert, Leonic, Herbert, Millicent, Redvers
SKINGLE, Charles SMITH, George SMITH, George
SMITH, Lynne SMITHERS, Harold SNOWDEN, Frederick
SPENCE, Alexander, Erna, Alexander Jnr. SPENCE, William, Marie STASTNY, Paul, Mary
STEAD, Richard STEERS, August STENNING, Hector, Gladys
STEPHENS, James STRATFORD, Leonard, Marie, William STYLES, Arthur, Henrietta, Barbara
SUTTON, Dennis SWEETMAN, Dorren, Harold TANSWELL, Daniel, Ethel, Helena, James
TAYLOR, Bertram, Winifred TAYLOR, Ernest, Marie M., Kathleen, Mary THEOBALD, Charles
THOMAS, Arthur, Brabyn THOMAS, Azelio THOMAS, Bernley
THOMAS, Frederick THOMAS, Jenny THOMAS, John
THOMPSON, William THURBAN, Arthur, Elizabeth TINDALL, Henry, Alice
TIPPING, Frederick, Florence, Geoffrey, Jean, Barbara TODHUNTER, William, Lucy, Neda TOWNSEND, Monk, Gertrude
TUCKER, Edward, Margaret, John, Anne TURTON, Angela VIZARD, Arthur, Violet, Nancy Emily
WAGHORN, Edward, Laura, William, Pamela WALTER, Dennis, Daisy, Shirley, Margaret, Elizabeth WALTERS, George R., Ada
WARREN, Frederick, Frances, Jean WATSON, Leslie WEBB, William, Mona
WEBBER, Thomas S., Elsie, Gloria, Shirley, Sandra, Barry, Benita 1 WELLESLEY, William, Hilda E., Gloria, Richard, David, Derrick, Margery, Richard, Valerie WESTLAKE, Roy, Dulcie
WHITE, Edward WHITEHEAD, Harry, Kate WHITING, Ernest, Vera, Pamela
WHYARD, Ralph, Lizzy WILCOCK, Edwin, Bruce WILKINSON, George, Herbert, Therese
WILLIAMS, Rees, Gwyneth, Martin, Anthony, Elizabeth WOOD, Thomas WOODROW, Alexander, Alvine

Jersey to Biberach 1943

Source: Channel Islands Monthly Review February 1943

AITKEN Douglas James AITKEN Doris Olive BANNIER Eric Francis BANNIER Joyce Marjorie BARKER Arthur Ronald
BARKER Henry BARKER Edith Emily BARKER Margaret Edith BARRETT Jack Marcus BARRETT Henry Charles
BARRETT Violet Stella BARRETT Graham Congrieve BARRETT Frances Violet Mary BEDDOME Richard BEDDOME Georgette Marriette
BELLAMY Frederick BELLAMY Ida BELLAMY Janet BOOTH Samuel Woodgate BOOTH Helen Rachel
BORLEY Albert Frederick BORLEY Lilian Mary BOWKER Charles BOWKER Eric Charles BOWKER Ethel
BOWKER Elsa BOWKER Honor BRANDON Elizabeth BUCHAN John Gordon Tryde BUCHAN Dorothy Ada
BUCHAN Gordon Pryde BUDGE Ethel BURGE Bertram William CAMFIELD Ena Kathleen CAMFIELD Ann Ena
CAMFIELD David CARDNELL Harry CARDNELL Beatrice May CARDNELL Peter Harry Morley CARR Ruth
CHINNERY Gordon Joseph CHINNERY Albertine CLARK Trevor CLARKE Marie COBBOLD Herbert William
COCKBURN Arthur Walton COCKBURN Peter Anthony COCKBURN Ivy Winifred COOPER Herbert Roy COOPER Beatrice Beryl
CROFT Jane Taylor CUSENS Thomas Edward CUSENS Laura DAY Leonard DAY Gladys
DICKINSON Arscott Sabina H. DICKINSON Eva ECCLES Roger Joe EGAN Peter John EGAN Michael
EGAN John EGAN Laura EGAN Patricia EGAN Kathleen EGAN Anne
EGAN Pamela EGAN Margaret EGAN John EVANS William Frank EVANS Albert Parker
EVANS Herbert Cyril EVANS Constance EVANS Annie Elvira EVANS Irene FEATHERSTONE Jack
FEATHERSTONE Annie FLESLEY Gladys Marjorie FLESLEY Charles FLYNNE Sidney Herbert FLYNNE Fay
FLYNNE Patricia Rosemarie FOOTE Reginald Charles FOOTE Kathleen Florence FOOTE Elizabeth Ann FROOME Nigel
FROOME Montague FROOME Dorothy GAILLICHAN Morjorie Vera GREGORY Arthur Frederick GREGORY Clara Ann
GUY Colin Roy GUY William John GUY Edith Mary GUY Hazel Mary HALL Ronald George
HALL Jean Adeline HARRIS Alfred Bower HARRIS Elizabeth Betty HARRISON Frederick Fulford HARRISON Lily Maud
HODDER Enos William HODDER Lucy HORNBY Gerard HORNBY Alice Maud HUNTER James Heggie
HUNTER Margaret B. ILSELEY Charles Samuel JENNINGS George JENNINGS Christopher Frank JENNINGS Winifred Nelly
JOHNSON John JOHNSON Violet May KING Charles William KING Blanche LANG Christina Amy
LARKIN John LARKIN Clifford Anthony LARKIN Michael LARKIN Anita Jessie LARKIN David
LARKIN Joyce Anita LARKIN Christina Anita LAW Alfred LAW Eleanor Elizabeth LAXTON Thomas Carlyle
LYONS Margaret Dorothy MARR Rob Surguy MARR Kathleen MARR Carole Wendy MATHEW Herbert Frederick
MATTHEW Mabel Maud MCLACHLEN Nellie Bridget MCLINTON Desmond Cornelius MCLINTON Maurice F. MEAD Alfred George Maurice
MEAD Myra Court MEAD Mary Elizabeth MEAD Madeline Mary MEAD Rosemary MEAD David Frederick
MEAD Frederick MIFFIN John Bernard MIFFIN Archibald MIFFIN Paul F. MIFFIN Jeanne
MILLS Albert William MILLS Dorothy MILLS Cynthia Dorothy MORSE Ethel Alice MORSE Mr. & Mrs. Sidney
MOULE John Amphlett MOULE Joan OWEN Edward OWEN Ethel PEAD Joseph Fred
PEAD Louise Adeline POLLARD Ernest Kemble POLLARD Mabel Alice PRICE Watkin John PRICE Alice Mary
PRICE Janet Elizabeth PRICE Mary Patricia PURTON Angela RAYMOND Harry Richard RAYMOND Mabel
READ Charles Edward READ Mildred READ Sheila Hurdman READ Wyshe ROCHE Charles
ROCHE Mary ROGERS William Philip Lea ROGERS Lilian ROLPH James ROLPH Blanche Matilda
ROSIE William Douglas ROSIE Stuart Douglas RUDERHAM Adaline RUDERHAM Joy Christine RUDERHAM Walter Henry
RUSH Charles SALWAY Percy John SALWAY Clara SALWAY John SALWAY Marjorie
SALWAY Clair SAMMONS Olga SAMMONS Tom SAMMONS William Roy SAMMONS Gwendoline Olive
SAMMONS Kenneth Walter SAMMONS John Ernest SAMMONS Minnie SAMMONS Yvonne SAVAGE Edward Henry
SAVAGE Florence SCHUTZ Roy Martin SCHUTZ Marjorie Anne SCHUTZ Max Martin SHAW Percy
SHAW Mabel Marie SHEPARD Isabella Winifred SHEPHERD John Richard SHEPHERD Vera SHORT Thomas William
SHORT Ambrosine SHORT Betty Ambrosine Mary SMITH Eric Newland SMITH Christopher SNELL Leslie
SNELL Gwendoline Maud SNELL Lance Wesley STEPHENS Kathleen STRATFORD Charles STUBBS Ronald Percy
STUBBS Katherine Elizabeth STUBBS Martin Richard SYMS Thomas Edwin SYMS Eva Maud SYMS William Thomas
THELWELL George Eli TOSTEVIN Vernon VICKERS Harry Charles VINT William Robert VINT Beatrice
WALDOCK Sidney William WALDOCK Ruby May WALKER Edward George WALKER Alma WALKER Nadine
WALKER Philip WALKER Michael WATERS Dora Mary WATTERS George Ronald WHITE Dennis William
WHITE Esther Marie WYLES Arthur WYLES Elizabeth May

Jersey to Laufen

AMY Thomas Richardson BAINES Keith Arthur Lionel BAKER Joseph BAKEWELL John Arthur BALLAMS Ashley
BARKETTE Stanley Edward BARNETT Henry BARTLETT John Thomas BARTON Robert Norman BENTLEY Hermon .
BERRY Arthur Henry, Ernest Edwin BLACKBURN Charles BOWMAN Robert Alexander BOXALL Robert BRADBURY George Hunt .
BRAY Percy Gerald Henry BRIGGS Fred BRITTEN Percy BURKON Harold James BYRON Arnold .
CASS Raymond Anderson CLEMENTS Frank Renouf COBBOLD Herbert William COBLEY Samuel Herbert COE John Edward .
CONEYBEARE Frank William COOMBES Walter James CORBY Walter COWEL John D. CURLING Percy .
DAVIES Dilwyn DAVIES Harold Hugh Vernon DE LA COUR Geoffrey Garland DUKE Anthony EASTON Charlie .
FISHER David Thomas GALE Harry Alfred James GAMBLE Terence GARBUTT Godfrey GARDNER William G. A. .
GARRETT Peter George GEARY Eric GEARY Ivor GOODSPEED Robert Stanley Walter HALE Robert George .
HAYNES Ronald Bert HERM John Leonard HICKMAN D. A. HUGHES Thomas Frederick IVES John Henry .
JELLEY Warwick Vaughan JEWELL Sidney KING Ellis H. LAWTON Fred LE CLAIRE Ronald .
LE MAIN Harold, Alfred John LEE Herbert George LEEVES Henry LEGG Walter LINTON Herbert.
LYONS Peter MARSHALL Albert John MAURICE Francis MCLAREN Malcolm MCLINTON Desmond Cornelius .
MCPHIE John Graham MUNRO Donald NEVILLE Douglas Leonard NICHOLSON Herbert Francis NUTLEY Jack Kenneth .
OWEN David, Leslie PALMER Albert PERKINS Stanley POOLE Michael Robert Lewis POTTER Wilfred Geoffrey .
RADMORE Henry A. J. RAYMOND Nevin Peter RICHMOND Edmund Alex ROBERTS Allen Kenneth RODD Howard .
SAMSON Alfred Robert SAVAGE Thomas SHAW George William SHIM John Raymond SINGER Albert Edward .
SKINGLE Robert Stanley SMITH James Rowe STAFFORD W. G. A. STEELES Walter STOCKS Ronald F. .
SUTTON Frederick James SUTTON William TASKER Henry THELWELL J. W. THOMAS Walter James .
TOSTEVIN Vernon WAKEHAM Percival WATSON Sidney Clifford WELLING Edward WHITE William .

Jersey to Laufen 13 February 1943

AUFFRET Francis ANGELL Richard BOND Dennis Royston BARTLETT Bertram BARETTE Philip Reginald .
BAILEY Donald BREUILLY Sidney Charles BAUDAINS Philip John CARY Hamilton COX Hector Stokes .
CRAIG Stanley Arthur CARSON George DE ST. CROIX Philip Charles DALE James Cyril EVERETT Joseph Williams .
FALLE Arthur Stanley FOX Edward Robert GIBAUT Eldon HOUILLEBECQ Frank Gordon HAMON Louis .
HILL Victor Maurice Gamble HANNAFORD Raymond KENT Joseph Philip LE BLANCQ Thomas LE BORGNE Arthur .
LEMPRIERE Harold Edward LINGSHAW John George LE RICHE Wilfred MARIE Kenneth George MOSS Sidney Albert .
MOTIE Richard Francis PROTEAU Theodore RUBENS Edward Charles STREADER Sidney STILL Michael Louis .
TRAYLEN Alfred Ernest TURPIN Howard Hubert WILLIAMS William Percy WAKEHAM George Bennett WELLBORNE Cyril .
WILKINSON Henry Reginald

Jersey to Kreuzburg on 25 February 1943

AUFFRET Robert Arthur BATAILLE George BENNETT Robert BERRY William H. G. CORBEL John .
FALLE Edmund Stanley GODFREY William GOSSEIN Ernest GRIHAULT Charles V. GRIMSLAW William .
GUILE Ronald HACQUOIL Alfred George HAMON Walter HENRY Alfred HEUZO Ernest .
JESTY William James LE QUESNE Francis Walter LEMPRIERE Gordon LEISTER John MALLETT Albert John .
PLEASANTS Eric POOLE Harold TANGUY Douglas Walter .

Channel Islands to Germany - Red Cross

collected by the British Red Cross and CIR Committee from relatives and friends of deported persons.

Source: The Channel Islands Monthly Review, January 1943

(May duplicate those in other lists)

ADAMS - Mrs. C. S. AGATE - Peter Nelson AGER - Jack AKOCK - Bernard.
ALDOUS - Thomas AMOORE - Gordon ANDERSON - Stanley ANDREWS - Ernest.
ANDREWS – Jeremiah, Ann Prouse AUGHTON - Jeffrey AVENELL - A. J. AYRES - Frederick.
BABER - Mr. and Mrs. BAILEY - Edward George BAILEY - George Henry BARCLAY-SMITH - Alfred E. .
BARKER - Mr. and Mrs. H. A., son and daughter BARNETT - Mr. and Mrs. C. C. BARREN - Jack M., wife and child BARRETT - John, wife and two children.
BEAUMONT - George BENJAMIN - William BENNETT - William C. BERRY - Sidney William.
BLACK - H. G. BLACKBURN - John A. BLACKWELL - Mr. and Mrs. George and child BOALCH - William George.
BONNEY - Clement Robert BONNEY - Frank George BOON - Capt. E. C. & Mrs. Alice May BOUCHER - E. .
BOURNANEL - Mrs. J. A. BOWMAN - Robert Alexander BOXALL - Robert BRADBURY - Mr. G. H. .
BRANSBURY - Eric John BRAY - Percy BRENAN - Edward Hardy BRIGDEN - Henry Robert and son, Henry Robert.
BRIGGS - Fred BRITTON - Mr. Arthur BRITTON - Thomas BROOKS - Thomas.
BROUGH - Frederick BROWELL - William BROWN - William BRUCE - Gertrude.
BRYAN - Mrs. Mabel BRYAN - Vernon BRYANT - Joseph Herbert BUDDK - A. E. .
BURGES - Peter Gordon BURGESS - Mr. and Mrs. BURLINGHAM - Mr. and Mrs. G. BURTON-SHAW - Albert.
BURTTON - Harold J. BUTLER - Frank R. BYRCMAN - Arnold CAMPBELL - Donald Arthur.
CANNON - George William CASS - Raymond CHALLINOR - Philip Alfred CHAPMAN - Arthur.
CHAPMAN - Mr. and Mrs. CHATBUM - Philip CHEESBROUGH - Herbert CHEGWIDDEN – William, wife and son-in-law .
CHUBB - Tom Beswick, wife and child CHURCH - R. J. CHURCHILL - Edward George CLOSS - Claud Alan.
COLLINS - Leonard CONEYBEARE - Frank W. COOK - Leslie COOKSON - Cecil Stanley.
COOPER - Milton COOPER - Mr. Percy COWELL - J. Douglas CRABTREE - Herbert.
CROSS - C. H. CRUNCH - Donald CUSENS - Mr. Thomas Edward CUSENS - Mrs. Laura.
DANIEL - C. H. DAVID - Dudley Thomas DAVIES - Major R. G. DAVIES - W. Emrys.
DAWE - Mr. and Mrs. E. W. DAY - Mr. and Mrs. C. J. DICK - James DOIG - David.
DONALDSON - Doctor A. W. H. DOUGAL - Mr. Harry R. DOWDALL - Eric DRINKWATER - William Anthony.
DUKE - Mr. Anthony DUNFII - William Maurice DUNKLEY - Augustus EARLEY - Anthony.
EARNSHAW - H. EARWAKER - George Edward EDITH - Maud and Miss Gladys EDWARDS - Frederick William.
FEENY - John Patrick FERGUSON - Harry FERGUSON - John FERGUSON - William.
FETCHER - R. FIRMIN - Peter Frederick FLINT - Rev. Frederick FLORENCE .
FOSTER - Frank Norman FRANCE - Mr. and Mrs. Clarence FROST - Frederick George FRSK - David.
GAMBLE -Terence GARBUT - Godfrey GARDINER - Miss Constance GARDINER - Mr: S. H. .
GARDINER - Mrs. Lily GARDNER - Mr. G. A. W. GARLAND - Mr. and Mrs. G. G. GEORGE - Mr. Henry and wife.
GERHOLD - Rev. S. W. GILL - Percy Edward GILMOUR - Mr. William & Mrs. Irene GODFREY - Mr. and Mrs. S. H. .
GODWIN - Mr. D. GOODSPEED - Mr. Robert Stanley Walter GOODWIN - Albert GOODWIN - Mr. & Mrs. and twin sons.
GOULD - Ronald GRANT - Mr. Peter James GRAY - George Hubert GRAYLAND - Arthur Thomas.
GREAVES - John Badier GREEN - Alick GREEN - Leslie Goege Albert GRIEVE - Mr. & Mrs. John and Miss Millie.
GUY - William, Florence Isabel and Joseph GWEN - Leslie HAMON - Charles Thomas HANNIGAN - George Henry.
HARRINGTON - Thomas Robert HARRIS - Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Bower HARRIS - Ronald Christopher and Eileen HARTLEY JACKSON - Rev. T, Ada.
HARTROPP - Bernard Cecil HARVEY - Mr. and Mrs. Arthur HAWORTH - Mr. Walter & Mrs. Hilda HAYES - Herbert James.
HAYES - Mr. and Mrs. HELEY - Frank HENDERSON - Capt. and Mrs. HENRY - Robert.
HEWKIN - Leslie HEY - Norman Heather HICKMAN - Douglas Anthony HIGGS - Samuel Harry Roy.
HILLIER - Arnold John HIROM - William Rochford HOARE - Sophie (Nurse) HOLLAND - George.
HOLLINGS -Clarence Reginald HONEY - Mr. and Mrs. Albert HOOK - Peter HOROD - William.
HUGHES - Charles HUGHES - John Stanley HUGHES - William HULME - Oliver Heywood.
HUME - Mrs. Elizabeth & two children HUMPHREY - Mr. and Mrs. Ernest William HUNT - Walter HUTCHESSON - Charles F. Le Marchant.
HUTCHINSON - Major Miles HUTTON - John HUTTON - Peter INSALL - Mr. George Charles, Ann Prouse.
IVES -John Henry JACKSON - Harold JACKSON - Rev. Arthur JACKSON - Royden.
JARRETT - Vernon JENKINS - Charles H. JENKINS - Haydn JINLEY - William.
JOHNSON - Thomas JONES - C. A. JORDAN - Stephen KEITH - George.
KENNETT - Walter KING - Mr. Ellis Howard KIRBY - William Henry, Edith Maud and Gladys Esther KIRTLEY - Clifford.
LAIRD - John LAKE - Arthur Ernest and Mrs. LANCASTER - H. G. LANE - Ernest.
LAWTON - Mr. LAY - Mr. Charles LE CAPPELAIN - Godfrey LEAR - Mr. W. F. H. and Mrs. Irene.
LEWIS - Harold LINES - Peter LOMAX - George MACE - Mr. and Mrs. .
MANNING - William Montague and Florence MARSDEN - Mr. and Mrs. David MARSHALL - Douglas H. MASON - Idris.
MASSEV - James MATHESON - Frank MATTHEWS - Basil MATTHEWS - Bernard.
MATTHEWS - Mr. and Mrs. MCCREA - Francis and Honor MCKEOUCH - John Charles MILLARD - Arthur Robert,. Lilian, Pamela and Anne.
MILLER - Robert William MITCHELL - Thomas Northway and Olive MOORE - William MOORMAN - Mr. Charles F. .
MORGAN - Keith MORLEY - Cecil MORSE - Mr. and Mrs. Sidney MORSE - William John.
MORTON - T. C. E. MOTTO - Raymond Walter MOULE - John Amphlet MUCKERSIE - Benjamin Simon.
NANCARROW - Francis John NATZLER - George NEVILLE - Douglas Neyille NEWMAN - Ernest.
NEWMAN - Mrs. and baby NICHOLAS - Joseph NUTLEY - Mr. Jack K. O'CONNOR - John, Mrs. Joy, Michael.
OMMANNEY - Douglas Greame PALMER - Albert PAPAZIAN - Nerses PARKER - Jack.
PARROT - George Arthur PASSFIELD - Harold PERCIVAL - Rev. Sidney Theodore PITTARD - Ivor Boley.
POLLICOTT - James M. PORTER - Rex POTTER - W. G. PREWETT - Harold Frederick.
PRIOR - Dorothy Ethel PROUDLEY - Sidney Macdonald QUILTER - Walter V. and Ethel RAM - A. C. .
RAYNER - Mr. and Mrs. R. READ - Charles E. REARDON - Daniel REES - Thomas Henry.
REMFRY - Thomas A, wife and 4 children REYNOLDS - William RICHARD - George RICKARD - Mr. and Mrs. Cyril.
ROBERTS - Mr. & Mrs. John R. J. ROBSON - J. ROSE - Charles ROSS - Mr. J. M. .
ROSTRON - Harry ROYLANCE - George E, Amy RUSHWORTH - Frank SAICH - Albert and wife.
SANDERS - Clifton William SANDWITH - W. Henry and Florence SAUNDERS - Arthur John SAVAGE - David Arthur.
SAYER - Michael Wynne SEARLE - Robert Percival SELF - Roy SELLERS - George.
SEULPHER - Police Insp W. R. and wife SHAW - George William SHEPHERD - Michael Kenneth SHINN - John Raymond.
SIMPSON -Herbert SINCLAIR - John Carlisle, Yvonne SKINGLE - Roy Charles SMITH - Cecil George.
SMITH - Douglas Lynne SMITH - J. F. SMITH - James Rowe SMITH - Mr. John.
SMITH - Sidney George SMITHERS - Harold James SNOWDEN - Frederick SPENCE - Nicol Christopher.
STACEY - Mr. S. S. STAFFORD - William George Albert STEAD - Richard Ortmonde STEERS - Percy.
STEWART - William John STOCKS - Ronald Frederick STONEMAN - Frederick STRATFORD - Ronald Joseph.
STUART - Rev. Donald and wife STUBBS - Ronald SUTCLIFFE - Dr. R. B. SUTTON - James.
TASKER - Henry TEMPLE - Major TETLEY - John THEOBALD - Charles William.
THOMAS - Llewellyn THOMPSON - Ernest TIPPING - Geoffrey Ashton TOPP - Joseph.
TRAYLEN - Capt. F. J. TROMAN - Morlev WAITERS - George and Dora WALLACE - W. .
WALTON - Mr. and Mrs. R. E. WATSON - Leslie Jack WAY - Arthur and wife WEBB - Gerald.
WEBB - Richard Lionel WEBSTER - Ernest WHITE - Edward Taylor WHITE - John Alfred.
WHITTAKER - James WILCOCK - Edwin Bruce WILKINSON - Herbert Arnold WILLIAM.
WILLIAMS - H. A. C. WINVARD - A. R. WOLFENDEN - Ralph WOOD - Rev. E. F., Mrs. and Miss.
WOOD - Thomas Horace.

Registered Jews deported from Jersey in February 1943

STILL- Alfred Berte STILL - Ruby STILL - Michael Lewis FINKELSTEIN - John Max LLOYD- Esther Pauline

Camp designations

Channel Island internees at Laufen

Some clarification of the camp designations by Michael Ginns

  • Biberach - known as Oflag 55 (VD). Oflag = Offizierslager = Officers' Camp. The 55 is the camp's "running number". The VD indicates that it was the fourth (D) camp located in Wehrkreias V = Defence Area 5. It became Ilag VB when, in December,1942,the camp was passed from the jurisdiction of the military to the Wurttemburg Home Office. Ilag = Internierungslager = Internment Camp. Thus, Biberach was the second (B) internment camp in Wehrkreis V. Wurzach was Ilag VC.
  • Ilag VA was at Libenau, to the south of Biberach, and housed British/American women rounded up from various points all over Occupied Europe - some Jersey/Guernsey women were transferred to Liebenau early in 1945.
  • Laufen was always Ilag VII, as it was the only internment camp in Wehrkreis VII and contained other British and American internees, including some Jews who had been rounded up in Germany in 1939/41.
  • Stalag VIF at Dorsten in the Ruhr (a dump of a place) was also used as a transit camp for Guernsey/Jersey deportees for about six weeks in Oct/Nov 1942.

The Channel Island Review contemporary listings show most deportees are shown as going to Biberach. This is incorrect and the true situation was as follows:

  • Those who left Jersey on 15 and 18 September 1942 did indeed go straight to Biberach.
  • Those who left Jersey on 29 September were joined by the second group from Guernsey at St Malo (the first group from Guernsey having left on 27 September and had gone to Dorsten). On reaching Trier the train was split up, with all the Guernsey contingent going to Dorsten, together with about two-thirds of the Jersey party. The remaining Jersey third went on to Biberach.

After much sorting out, all the single men at Biberach went on to Laufen on 31 October,1942. They were joined by the single men from Dorsten soon afterwards. All families with children, plus about 30 couples without children, left Biberach for Wurzach on 31 October,1942. Thereafter, all those at Dorsten were transferred to Biberach on 12 November,1942. When the February,1943,deportations took place, the women and children, plus males over 63, went to Compiegne in France, the men went to Laufen. However, married couples were later reunited at Biberach. 9 The small group that were deported from Guernsey on February 25th,1943,went to Ilag VIII at Kreuzburg - but, in August 1943, the married men rejoined their families at Biberach.

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