Lothian Nicholson

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Lothian Nicholson

Lieut-General Sir Lothian Nicholson (1827–1893) was a Royal Engineers officer who became Lieut-Governor of Jersey and then Governor of Gibraltar.


After attending the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, he was commissioned in the Royal Corps of Engineers in 1846. In 1855 he was sent to the Crimean War where he took part in the Siege of Sevastopol. Then in 1857 he went to Calcutta to help suppress the Indian Mutiny. He was present at the capture of Lucknow.

He was appointed to command the Royal Engineers in the London District in 1861 and then the Royal Engineers in Gibraltar from 1868. Later that year he became Assistant Adjutant-General for the Royal Engineers in Ireland.

In 1878 he was made Lieut-Governor of Jersey and in 1886 he was made Inspector-General of Fortifications. In 1891 he became Governor of Gibraltar. He died in office in 1893 and is buried in North Front Cemetery there.


This article is taken from the Wikipedia biography of Lothian Nicholson.

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