Main garrison regiments 1695-1916

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Cornwall Light Infantry
Worcester Regiment
Suffolk Regiment
East Yorkshire Regiment
Berkshire Regiment
Loyal Regiment
Black Watch Regiment
Cheshire Regiment
Duke of Wellington's Regiment
Royal Norfolk Regiment
Royal Irish Regiment
Royal Irish Regiment colours
East Lancashire Regiment
Leicester Regiment uniform
Middlesex Regiment
North Staffordshire Regiment

When more than one regiment is listed in the same period, it is not clear which was the major garrison regiment

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Notes and references

  1. Although not shown in most lists of troops which served in Jersey, the 46th (South Devonshire) Regiment of Foot arrived in Jersey on 11 April 1812 and remained until 11 June the following year. A history of the regiment states: On 18 March 1812 the 46th Regiment embarked on board the Nautilus transport at Plymouth for Jersey, and arrived at St Aubin's Bay on 11 April, when it marched to Grouville, in the eastern division of the island, the headquarters being stationed at Mont Orgueil Castle. In June 1812 four companies which had been left in the West Indies arrived at Portsmouth in the Shipley transport, and proceeded, without landing, to Jersey. A few officers and men, who came home from the West Indies in the John Tobin merchantman, arrived in the same month at Liverpool, and proceeded to the regiment at Jersey. On 11 June 1813 the regiment embarked on board the Preston transport for Portsmouth, and after its arrival at Spithead, received orders to proceed to Cowes, in the Isle of Wight. Nothing in the report explains why it apparently took the Regiment three weeks to travel from Plymouth to Jersey in 1812
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