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James Dauvergne 1726-1799 Major General

James Dauvergne was born in 1726, the son of Charles Dauvergne and Elizabeth Corbet. His father died when he was only three. He was commissioned as Lieutenant in the Royal Fusiliers in July 1747 after attending the Military Academy, Greenwich.

Prince's Tower, La Hougue Bie, demolished after the property was acquired by La Société Jersiaise in 1924


He transferred to the Household Cavalry and was promoted successively to Adjutant (1754), Captain (1761), Major (1769), Lieut-Colonel (1770), Colonel (1779) and Major General (1782).

He was equerry to George III when he was Prince George and taught him to ride in Hyde Park.

He did not lose touch with his native island and was invited many times by the States to represent them before the Privy Council, largely on matters of defence. In 1755 he successfully secured 12 cannon to defend the island and after further appearances he obtained a number of weapons to replace old ones two years later. He was publicly thanked for his efforts by the States on a number of occasions.

La Hougue Bie

He is probably best known in the island, however, for having purchased La Hougue Bie from Jacques Filleul and building a tower, known as Tour Dauvergne, or Prince's Tower, on the mound. He spent a small fortune on the property but was accused by many of vandalising it by pulling down the dividing wall between the two chapels, paving the floor in marble and coating the interior walls with stucco, before adding the tower and other structures to turn the building into living accommodation.

This work was reversed after the property was acquired by La Société Jersiaise in 1924.

He settled in Southampton on his retirement from the Army and was Sheriff in 1792 and Mayor in 1793.

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