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Manor House, in Rue de Bas, St Lawrence, is now a large Victorian house built in 1875, but the property has a much longer history. One of its fields, Clos de Horman, is recorded as being held by Guille Hamptonne in 1490.

Dominant family

The Hamptonnes were the dominant family in St Lawrence for several centuries and held the fief Luce de Carteret, in St Peter and St Brelade, as well as the smaller fief es Hastains in St Lawrence.

It has been established that the Chapelle de St Eutrope, previously believed to have been at Hamptonne (La Patente) was actually on their Manor House property. Its existence is confirmed by the field name Jardin de la Chapelle, a benetier or piscina built into an outhouse, and a Clos de la Croix.

Le Val Hubaut, another part of the property, was mentioned in the Rapport des Commissaires in 1515 in connection with Nicolas Hamptonne, son of Guille. An early carved window lintel built into the north wall of the new house bears the Hamptonne arms.

The Constable of St Lawrence, Edouard Hamptonne, got into financial difficulties and sold the property in 1601 to his cousin Edouard Bisson, Constable of St Brelade at the time. He then established his family in St Lawrence and was later Constable of that parish. His great-great-granddaughter Susanne, wife of Jean Helier Dumaresq, died without heirs and Manor House passed to her sister Sara's son Richard Le Feuvre, who was also a Constable of St Lawrence. He died in 1803 and in 1810 his son sold it to Francois Carrel, who in turn sold it to Pierre de Caen, who also sold it, in 1845, to Henry Coutanche, who died in 1895.

It was the latter who built the present house, probably on the base of an existing building.

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