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Margaret Hemery, baptised 14 July 1779 in Jersey, married Sir Thomas Le Breton, Seigneur of La Motte, on 30 November 1799. He lived from 1763 to 1838, and was Attorney-General in 1811, knighted 20 April 1825, and was Bailiff of Jersey 1826 –1831. He was the first Bailiff for 120 years to live in Jersey.

This was his second marriage. They had four children, Clement married Donna Concepcion di Sola and settled in Buenos Ayres. They had two sons, Clement and Thomas (Tomaso) Le Breton, who was Argentine ambassador in Paris during the First World War, the other three children being William, Eliza Margaret and Maria. Marguerite died in 1811, being buried at St Saviour 2 June 1811.

Thomas Le Breton’s nephew was William Corbet Le Breton, Dean of Jersey and father of Emilie Charlotte, later known as Lillie Langtry ‘The Jersey Lily’ famous socialite and beauty of her day. Le Breton is an old and well established Jersey family, the earliest ancestor known was living around 1450.

The Le Breton family – Francis Le Breton, Dean of Jersey, died 1802, married Elizabeth Penrose died in 1810. His children were Sir Thomas who married Margaret Hemery, Elizabeth Dolbel, John, William married Jane Hue, Francis, Esther, Philip who married Susanne Hemery, and Edward.

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