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  • George Joseph Mason born abt 1806 Portsmouth, Hants,England married 31 Aug 1834 St Peters Port Guernsey, Mary Ann Gordon born abt 1813 St Peters Port,Guernsey, CI.

Children: all immigrated to Australia

  • George b. 4.7.1836 St Peters Port Guernsey, died 23.12.1861 Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.
  • William Thomas b.16.9.1838, St Peters Port, Guernsey, died 1.10.1900, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
  • Joseph b.6.12.1840 St Peters Port, married 10.3.1868 Bendigo, Vic, Margaret Donnelly. died in South Australia
  • Mary Ann b.11.11.1842 St Peters Port, married ... Porter
  • Jane b.4.9.1844 St Peters Port, married 1861 Bendigo, Vic, William Rae, died 1.5.1912 Bendigo, Vic, Australia
  • Alfred b. 19.2.1851, St Peters Port, married 1871 Bendigo, Vic, Eleanora Mitchell, died 20.1.1899
  • Harriet b.3.1.1853, St Peters Port, married 1. John Saville Eastwood 1847 - 1875, 2. 9.5.1881, Bendigo, Isaac Edward Dyason died. 20.5.1939 Brighton, Vic, Australia.
  • David Gordon b.1789, St Peters Port, Guernsey, CI, married 2.1.1813, St Peters Port, Mary Ebdon, b.7.4.1793 Alderney.


  • Mary Ann (as above married George Mason)
  • Jeanne (Jane) b.5.4.1818 St Peters Port,d.8.9.1870 St Peters Port.
  • David Samuel, b.11.8.1822 St Peters Port, married Rachael Myott
  • Henriette (Harriet) b.29.10.1825 St Peters Port, married Jean White, died 13.1.1880
  • Louisa, b.20.3.1828, St Peters Port

I have families for Mason. Jane Poulton <>

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