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1985 booklet

From a 1985 booklet on Jersey pubs and inns by Glenn George, then landlord of the Old Smugglers Inn at Ouaisne:

'Sitting on the beer patio, looking out over the ornamental lake, it's hard to imagine that the Mermaid Tavern is just a few hundred yards from bustling Jersey airport. True, the illusion is shattered when an occasional jet takes off, but otherwise this tranquil sun trap provides a peaceful and welcome retreat.
'Now part of a larger hotel complex, the Tavern dates back to the sixteenth century when it was a typical farm-house. In fact, it still boasts one of the few remaining `Witches' Rests' on its chimney.
'Local folklore states that superstitious farmers built these resting places so that any witches flying by on their evil business could sit down and rest their weary broomsticks. By providing them with this welcome relief, the farmer and his family were then left free from any curses.
'The main fireplace inside the Tavern is a superb example of granite workmanship, and the hearth is made from an old cider press wheel. Above the fireplace do note the 'genuine' stuffed mermaid in a glass case -apparently caught by local fishermen!
'The Mermaid offers quite a range of food - good pub grub in the Tavern itself and a really high-class menu available next door in the Grill Room.'

History from the Inn's website

The Mermaid at Lakeside was once an old granite farmhouse, it dates back to the early 18th century and is a good example of the Norman-style architecture on the island. Previously known as Welby Farm, it was once one of the major farms of the parish and is shown on a map of 1795.

Welby Farm was set within acres of land within which the Perquage stream runs from north to south, feeds the lake and then flows out towards St Brelade. The stream takes an indirect course to enter the sea at St Aubin's Harbour.

In 1663 King Charles II gave the Perquage to a favourite – Sir Edouard de Carteret – Seigneur of St Ouen, who eventually sold them off to the owners of the adjoining fields.

In 2010 Barchester Healthcare developed Lakeside Village. The village comprises the existing Lakeside care home, Lakeside Manor – a new 60-bed care facility, and the Pavilion apartments. In 2011 the Mermaid Tavern was closed for renovation and reopened in April 2012 as The Mermaid at Lakeside after undergoing major refurbishment.

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