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Mike Bisson


A young Mike Bisson with his teacher Miss Florence Hacquoil at First Tower school, c1958=

Michael James Bisson (1949- )

Mike in his pram on the deck of the Reina del Pacific
The passenger manifest of the Reina del Pacifico, recording the arrival of Mike and his parents in Liverpool in September 1949 after crossing the Atlantic from Panama on their way back to Jersey from Nicaragua. The manifest wrongly shows their surname as Le Cras-Bisson. Le Cras was Mike's father's middle name

The founder of Jerripedia, Mike Bisson [1] was born in Nicaragua on 19 March 1949, the son of Roy Le Cras Bisson and Marguerite Constance Rimington. Descended from the Le Gros Bisson branch of St Ouen and St Mary, Mike can trace his father's lineage back to the 15th century.

He returned from Nicaragua with his parents, aged six months, and the family settled again in Jersey, where both his parents had been born. He was educated at First Tower School and Victoria College. At the age of 20 he joined the Jersey Evening Post, working as a news reporter and then sub-editor, before spending nine years as news editor from 1978 to 1987. He then left to found Michael Stephen Publishers, a successful periodical publishing division of the newspaper's parent company, the Guiton Group.

In 1989 he returned to the newspaper as editor-designate, taking over as editor the following January. He held the position concurrently with general manager from 1991, until his appointment as managing director. He left the newspaper in 1996 to work as a freelance journalist and website developer and was responsible for the founding of the Jersey Legal Information Board.

He was married in 1970 to Collette Andalusia Picot Le Breton, daughter of Francis Nicolle Le Breton and Catherine Picot, and they had three children. He married secondly Sylvia Ann Collins (neé Maiden) in 2002.

He founded Jerripedia in February 2010 and has been its editor ever since. He took on the additional responsibility of webmaster in 2020.

The Reina del Pacifico

Notes and references

  1. This biography is included, not because Mike thinks he is remotely 'important', but because those of us who have been proud to assist him with the creation of this website which has been his passion since 2010, believe that it is important that those who are interested cant learn a little about the man behind Jerripedia
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