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Origin of Surname

This name derives from the ancient French word meaning brown-skinned (Moorish) but the words was also used to mean a dark coloured cloth, so the surname may have indicated somebody's apparel as well as their skin.

It is a common name in Normandy and there are records of Rogerus Morel in 1198 and Jenah Morel in 1261.

Morellus is also found from 1080 as a given name and may have derived from the Gallo-Roman Maurellus and developed into Maurice and Morice.

The name is also found in Scotland as early as 1074, although the Jersey Morels almost certainly came from France.

The name features in the Assize Roll of 1309

  • Robert Morel was born in Trinity about 1448. He had a daughter Catherine in 1460 who married Guilleaume Binet in 1479
  • Another Robert Morel was botn in St Martin or Grouville about 1450
  • Cattherine Morel was born in Trinity in 1474 and married Guilleaume Binet
  • Henry Morel was born in Grouville about 1502 and married Michelle Amy in 1545
  • Perronnelle Morel, born in Grouville about 1522, was the daughter of Jean (1500- ) and married Guillaume Bisson in October 1542.
  • Catherine Morel was born in St Martin about 1529
  • Martin Mourel was born in Jersey about 1545 and married Margueritte Esnouf
  • Jean Morel was born in Grouville in about 1561
  • Mathieu Morel was born in Grouville in 1586 and married Rachel


  • Maurice
  • Morice
  • Mourel

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