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71 King Street


Hunt, hairdresser, wig maker and tobacconist

The cycle dealership side of the Hunt family business

The first trader on record here was a silversmith or watchmaker called Marcus, in 1837.

There were three households at No 71 in 1851. It appears likely that shoemaker Charles Ascot was trading there. He lived with his wife Mary, son Frederick and daughter Elizabeth, and the family had come from Yeovil, Somerset.

Eve family

The Eve family were all born in Jersey with the exception of carpenter and builder John Eve’s English wife Susannah, nee Pearce. By 1851 they had three children, Margaret (9) and twins Robert and Charles (6). James, born in 1843 and Frederick William in 1848 appear not to have survived. Three further children, Susanna, Clara and John Pearce were to follow in the 1850s. By 1861 the Eves were still at No 71 but head of household John has now become a master baker. The family was still there in 1871.

The third 1851 household comprised mason’s widow Ann Rafferty and her labourer son Philip.

Hunt family

The Eves were followed by the Hunt family, who had relatives at No 69. Robert (1850- ) was the son of John Hunt (1818- ) from England, and his Jersey-born wife Amelia (nee Fauchon) (1819-1906). Robert was in business as a hairdresser from at least 1880, and was living at No 71 in 1881 with his wife Mary (1856- ) and five sons Sydney (1874- ), Joseph (1876- ), Clarence (1878- ), Herbert (1879- ) and Stewart (1881- ).

Various members of the Hunt family were in business at No 71 over some 110 years. Robert was followed by his sons Robert and Stewart, who ran a cycle shop, and they were followed in turn by a further generation until the business eventually closed in the 1990s.


  • 1837 - Marcus, watchmaker or silversmith
  • 1851 - Charles Ascot, shoemaker
  • 1861-71 - John Eve, baker
  • 1880-1919 - Robert Hunt, hairdresser
  • 1930 - R Hunt and Son
  • 1940 - Stewart Hunt, cycle agent
  • 1949-1960 - S S Hunt
  • 1965-1990 - H S Hunt
  • 2000 - Athlete's Foot
  • 2010 Elmina Salon
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