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Noirmont Manor


Advert for a picnic in the grounds in 1855

The present manor house at Noirmont was built in 1810, after the demolition of the earlier building, which dated back to 1700.

The history of the fief goes back much further, however. It was granted by the Crown to Sir George Carteret in 1643 and sold by his grandson to Elie Pipon in 1696. It was Elie who built the first manor house, and his descendants lived there for almost 200 years.

The family was a branch of the Pipons who owned and lived at nearby La Moye.

The fief of Noirmont is unique in that it is the only fief in Jersey to have the same boundary as the Vingtaine of the same name.

The property was featured in the 1980s television series Bergerac as the home of one of the principal characters, Charlie Hungerford.

The house was also the home of Lillie Langtry and her husband Edward after they married, and before they moved permanently to London. Some biographies of Lillie suggest that the manor had previously been in the ownership of her Le Breton ancestors, who had lost it through bankruptcy, but we have found nothing to substantiate this claim.

The Chilean Wine Palm in the manor grounds is said to be the most magnificent specimen in the British Isles
'Noirmont House' by Charles Bessel in 1827
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