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Famous islanders

Lillie Langtry

This section is all about Jerseymen and women who have become famous for what they achieved in the island of their birth, or elsewhere in the world. It also includes prominent long-time residents of Jersey who were not born in the island but achieved fame within the island and outside during their lifetimes.

Read about Edwardian actress Lillie Langtry (pictured left), famous 20th century sportsmen who have made their homes in Jersey, adventurers who left the island to seek their fortune thousands of miles away, military officers who served in some of the most famous battles in history and others who served their island with great distinction at home.

You can add articles on famous islanders - see the box below for information on how to become a Jerripedia contributor - and also record the histories of less famous members of your own families.

Many of the biographies in this section of Jerripedia draw on information published in A Biographical Dictionary of Jersey by George Balleine, and the second volume edited by Francis Corbet.

Feature article

Sir George Carteret
Sir George Carteret on a Jersey stamp

Born George de Carteret, arguably the most famous Jerseyman of them all joined the Navy, dropped the 'de' from his name because it sounded too French, became a Member of Parliament, Bailiff of Jersey, friend of the future King Charles II, and eventually founded the State of New Jersey, naming it after the island of his birth.

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Anybody can contribute to Jerripedia, and contributions to this section are particularly welcome. Do you know of a Jerseyman or woman who is enjoying or enjoyed a successful career in their chosen field but has not yet made it on to Jerripedia? Do you have more information on someone whose biography is already included in the site? Do you have a story to tell about one of your own family members who deserves a mention in the Not so famous section? You can visit the Community portal to find out how to register as a contributor and how to create and edit pages.

Holders of public office

Warwick the Kingmaker

This section includes the most comprehensive and accurate lists of holders of Jersey's most important public offices over the past 1,000 years, with links to a growing number of biographies of the most famous (and infamous). The picture shows Lord of the Isles Richard Neville, otherwise known as Warwick the Kingmaker.

Recent additions

World Champion Nigel Mansell

Among the more recent biographies added to Jerripedia are

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