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Ordnance Yard


Ordnance Yard, behind the Weighbridge and Caledonia Place, with a flight of granite steps leading up to Pier Road, has changed somewhat since C E B Brett described it 35 years ago in his Buildings in the Town and Parish of St Helier as 'a small surviving enclave of the old town of St Helier, much as it was in the early 19th century'

A coal cart in Ordnance Yard in 1914
A 1981 architect's impression of how the Museum could have been developed to open up Ordnance Yard

Brett wrote:"A jumble of two-, three- and four-storey buildings of all sorts of dates and materials, some still used as dwellings, others put to miscellaneous commercial use. Occasional pieces of splendid stonework, including one phenomenal granite lintel, glazing bars of various dates and patterns, and a mini-maze of couryards, alleys and steps, for the most part paved with the original granite cobbles and setts. All very seedy and down at heel and not likely to last much longer in its present form, since several of the dwellings are boarded up or even condemned. If taken in hand with determination, this little area could become a real attraction to tourists, comparable with the Lanes in Brighton; but it would not be a cheap exercise."

Suffice it to say that the area has not become a tourist attraction. The majority of the derelict buildings have been rebuilt, but to no particular style, and the area retains its jumbled, 'back yard' appearance, parked cars being much more at home than tourists.

The steps from Pier Road down to Ordnance Yard
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