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Ozouf family page

This name was recorded in Jersey as early as the 13th century and is still present today


Sophia Angeline Ozouf, George Walter Bertram and George John Bertram

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Origin of surname

The old personal name Oswulf became Ozouf and eventually became a surname.

Early records

The name is of considerable antiquity in Jersey, appearing in the Short Inquisition of 1274

Sire Guillaume Osoulf appears in the Jersey Chantry Certificate of 1550

The name is reasonably common in Normandy today and can be traced there back to 1198.

Baptism records start in St Helier in 1597, but the following have been identified in earlier records:

  • Elizabeth Ozouf, born in Jersey about 1580 and married Vincent Hamon in 1608
  • Collette Ozouf, possibly a sister of Elizabeth, born in Jersey about 1585 and married Thomas de ste Croix in 1609

An Ozouf family was present in Jersey from the 16th century until the 18th, but then appears to have died out. Today's Ozoufs are descended from immigrants from France in the 19th century.


  • Osoulf
  • Osouf
  • Osof, 1274

Family recordss


Family trees


Church records


Great War service

  • Alfred Ozouf (1878- ) (Gr) son of Jean and Mary, Private, Labour Corps
  • John Louis Ozouf (1881- ) (Gr) son of Leon and Marie, ex-RMIJ, Private, Somerset Light Infantry, PoW
  • Walter Frederick Ozouf (1894- ) (St H) son of Leon and Mary, ex-RMIJ, Corporal, RAF


Family wills

Family businesses

This picture was previously believed to show the Farrel family at Grantez in 1912, but has now been identified as an Ozouf family farm, either L'Aiguillon or Fairview, Grouville. The photograph was taken between 1910 and 1912, and both dates have been attributed to it, but with the wrong location. In the front row are Alice Ozouf, Lydia Clara Jones, nee Ozouf, with her daughter, Lilian Baudains, nee Ozouf, unknown man, unknown man, unknown boy Jean Michel Amedee Ozouf, unknown man, unknown woman, Elsie McGugan, nee Ozouf

Family album

The Ozouf family, probably photograped at Fairview, Grouville, in 1913. Back row L to R:David Maurice Jones, Lydia Clara Jones (nee Ozouf), John McGugan, Arthur McGugan, John Buesnel McGugan, Marie Augustine de Rue (nee Ozouf), Ernest Amedee Ozouf, Edith Alice Ozouf (nee Le Couilliard), Philip Walter Ozouf, Francoise Eleanore Viltn (nee Ozouf), John James Ozouf, James de Rue. Middle row L to R: Alice Ada Ozouf (nee Reddy), John Peter Ozouf, Lillian Mary Baudins(nee Ozouf), baby Maud Baudins, Elize Jane McGugan (nee Ozouf), Mary Anne Ozouf (nee Tirel), Jean Michel, Amadee Ozouf, Alice Angelina Ozouf, Arthur Ernest Ozouf. Front row L to R: Elise McGugan, Gerald Ernest Ozouf, Lilliam Mallet Baudins, Ivy le Couilliard Ozouf, Alice May Ozouf
An Ozouf family low-water fishing outing

Family gravestones

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