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St Saviour Parish Church


An 1840 drawing of St Saviour Parish Church, which is one of the 12 parish churches of Jersey; it is on St Saviour's Hill a short distance above Government House



The full dedication is to St Saviour of the Thorn. The parish emblem of a crown of thorns and some nails recall the Saviour's suffering. These symbols are gold, on a background of red. The name is first mentioned in the Memoires de la famille La Cloche written in the 17th Century.


The church existed at least as early as 1087 and is stone vaulted with a tiled roof. It has a central tower with a bettlemented parapet and a stair turret. There are three gargoyles of Chausey granite, a fourth having broken away. Inside there is a nave, north aisle, crossing, north and south transept, chancel and Lady Chapel. The vestry is in the south transept.

The striking lychgate was erected in memory of George Orange Balleine, Dean of Jersey from 1888 to 1906.

Lillie Langtry's memorial in the churchyard

Lillie Langtry

St Saviour's church is linked with the name of Lillie Langtry. She was born in the Rectory, and married twice in the church. She was later buried in the churchyard in the family grave. There is a bust of Lillie carved in white marble on a granite plinth. She is buried with her father, William Corbet Le Breton, Rector of St Saviour and Dean of Jersey, and her mother Emilie Davis Le Breton, nee Martin.



15th Century

  • Johan Hue 1461-1507

16th Century

  • Richard Le Hardy 1508-1525
  • Francoise Nicolle 1530-1540
  • Guillaume Le Roy 1540-1548, 1554-1567
  • Martin Lengeoys 1550-1554
  • Julien Dolbel 1557-1582

17th Century

  • Nicolas Effard 1587-1638
  • Thomas Poingdestre 1638-1689
  • Philippe Falle 1690-1706

18th Century

19th Century

  • Philippe Le Breton 1803-1819
The church with its magnificent lych gate, which stands on the site of a former hotel
  • Edouard le Vavasseur dit Durell 1819-1841
  • Philippe Filleul 1848-1849
  • William Corbet Le Breton 1850-1875
  • Charles Marett 1876-1895
  • Edouard Luce 1895-1917

20th Century

  • George Philip Balleine 1917-1940
  • Clifford John Cohu 1941-1943
  • Thomas Nicholas Floyd 1943-1945
  • John Sydney Norman 1945-1966
  • Canon Thomas Ashworth Goss 1967-1971
  • Beverley Warren Coleman 1971-1984
  • Jeffrey Norman Hollis 1985-1991

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