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Philip Grandin carpenter, boat builder and town councillor

Philip Grandin was born February 1835 in Jersey, Channel Islands. He emigrated to the Cape Colony where he became a carpenter and joiner, as well as a shipwright and boat-builder, having his business situated on the West Bank near the upper jetty. He then joined the staff of Dyer and Dyer where he worked for some 30 years.

He served for a time as secretary to the Panmure Club and was a Freemason, being one of the founders of the Concordia Lodge. Shortly before his death he was given rank in the District Grand Lodge.

Grandin was elected to the Town Council for Ward 1 in February 1885 and was re-elected in 1888 and 1891. He left the Council briefly in 1891 when his seat was declared vacant but he was re-elected in October that year. When he retired on rotation in February 1894, he lost the election to Frederick Hallett and so ended a period of some ten years in the Council. He made one more attempt to enter the Council in May 1897 when George McKay resigned but he lost the election to James Dallas.

He died on 2 September 1898, at the age of 63, and was buried at East London.

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