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Warden of the Isles
Philippe d'Aubigné

This Philippe was stood in for his uncle, also Philippe d'Aubigne, as Warden of the Isles

Little is known about this Philippe, except that he was the nephew of the other person of the same name to hold the office of Warden.

Delegation by uncle

The first Philippe was a busy individual, who participated in Crusades and had little time to spend in the Channel Islands, at a time when a strong presence there on behalf of the Crown was most important in the wake of the political split with Normandy. It is likely that the second's Philippe's family relationship was a significant factor in his being given the post for five years. His uncle,who was to return for a third term in 1232, probably personally delegated the role. (It is also possible that it was Philippe jnr who was appointed from 1232-1234).

de Carteret marriage

Philippe jnr was the son of Philippe snr's brother Ralph. His sister, Marguerite, forged a strong family alliance within the Jersey community by her marriage to Philippe de Carteret, Seigneur of St Ouen.

Second term of office

If it was this Philippe, rather than his uncle, who held office from 1232, his appointment came on 26 October of that year, to last at the King's pleasure.

There are letters addressed to Henry III concerning the assizes held in Guernsey by Philippe, as Warden, which are not dated but have been estimated at 1236. However, this appears to be some time after d'Aubigné would have relinquished his position and the letters are at probably at least a year older, because Drouet de Barentin had been appointed by 25 April 1235.

Even this conflicts with the view that Nicholas de Meules served as Warden from 1234 to 1235. It is possible that he was appointed solely to Jersey and d'Aubigné remained in office for Guernsey, but this is just speculation.

Warden of the Isles
Predecessor Successor
Philippe d'Aubigné
1207-1221, 1232-1234
Philippe d'Aubigné
Geoffrey de Lucy
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