Philippe de Carteret (1620-1665)

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From A Biographical Dictionary of Jersey by George Balleine

Philippe de Carteret (1620-1665), of Grouville, Bailiff, was the second son of Jurat Elie De Carteret, Lieut-Bailiff, and Elizabeth Dumaresq, and younger brother of Sir George Carteret.

Colonel of Castle

On the death of his father he was elected to his seat as Jurat, and was sworn in on 17 September 1640. In 1642 he was Colonel of the Castle (Mont Orgueil) and on 19 October he married in St George's Chapel Marie De La Place, daughter of Elie De La Place, who three years later succeeded Dean Bandinel as Rector of St Martin.

He was Colonel of the Castle under Lady de Carteret during the first siege (1643), and retained this position when his brother became Lieut-Governor (1644-1651). In 1647 he also became Colonel of the Militia of the four parishes of St Helier, St. Saviour, St. Clement and Grouville.

When the Parliamentary troops landed in 1651, at first he refused to surrender the Castle, but the garrison compelled him to capitulate.

"The English Major, who had been placed there by order of the King, caused all to mutiny. The Master Gunner refused to act, and all threatened to hand him over to the enemy, if he did not surrender"

The terms were generous. He was allowed to retain his estate, and granted an Act of Oblivion for all past offences. At the Restoration (1660) he resumed his seat as Jurat; and on the death of his nephew and namesake was sworn in as Bailiff on 5 March 1663.

He died in September 1665, and was buried in Grouville Church. He had two sons, Elie (1651- ) who became Fellow of Exeter, Oxford, and Rector of Coates, Gloucestershire, and Philippe (1652- ), and four daughters, Elizabeth (1647- ), Marie (1649- ), another Marie (1655- ), and Jeanne (1659- ).

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