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Iconic images of the German Occupation

This page contains a substantial collection of pictures taken shortly before, during and immediately after the German Occupation of Jersey. More pictures of the Occupation years can be found in our Aviation picture gallery, the Liberation pages, the story of the Vega, a page devoted to Channel Island Occupation Society pictures, and various other pages linked from our main German Occupation introductory page.

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Troops and fortifications gallery

Evacuation-prams.jpg German-band.jpg German-prisoners.jpg German and policeman.jpg Occupation-parade.jpg

Click on this link to see our special page of photographs of a Luftwaffe crew who returned to see the island they had bombed just days before

Kriegs Marine detachment

Snapshots from a German soldier's album taken in Jersey in 1943

Snapshots from another Occupation soldier's German album

German troops at work

A detachment of German troops marches through Charing Cross in 1940

German troops at leisure

A barbecue for German troops

German defences and other installations

German command tower at Corbiere

Occupation life gallery

On the way home with food parcels from the Vega

Deportation Gallery

Channel Island internees at Laufen in 1943

Liberation gallery

  • See Liberation for more pictures taken at and just after the Liberation

Miscellaneous gallery

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