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20 March 2017

St Helier Harbour

Yes, we have selected another shot of St Helier Harbour as our weekly feature picture, but we make no apologies, because, although it is well over 100 years old, it is of such high quality. It is a bit difficult to be absolutely certain about the date when this photograph was taken, but we think it was within five years either way of the start of the 20th century. It is an original photograph, not a postcard, and it shows that the widening of the New North Quay in the centre of the picture has been completed. Every picture tells a story, and this is no exception. What is most surprising is how quiet the harbour appears. There are no steamships in the port and very little sign of any activity either on the New North Quay or the Albert Pier behind. Given that it is only about 20 years since an ambitious plan to enlarge what was said to be an unacceptably small harbour, by creating outer piers from Elizabeth Castle and La Collette, foundered in winter storms, there seems to be very little activity in the existing harbour, whose cargo and passenger handling capacity has been considerably increased by tripling the width of the New North Quay and providing moorings on either side. The Albert Pier, in the background, is also quiet, with only a couple of sailing vessels moored at the top in front of the island's abattoir. Perhaps it was Christmas Day, or another public holiday - there is nothing to tell us


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