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Pirouet family page


An unknown Miss Pirouet in a 19th century photograph

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Origin of Surname

Recorded in several spellings this is a French medieval surname. It would seem to describe a dancer or acrobat who performed pirouettes and other complex dance movements.

It is not a common name in Normandy, although there is the village of Pirou south of Lessay in Manche and some sources suggest that the family was named after it. It is also quite probable that the original Jersey Pirouets came from Brittany.

Mrs Pirouet

Early records

The name appears very early in Jersey records and the Jersey Chantry Certificate of 1550 contains Johan, Philippes and Thomas.

The family was established in Grouville when church records started and children of seven different fathers were baptised between 1588 and the endof the 16th century.

Earlier known family members include the following:

  • Jacques Pirouet was born in St Helier in 1513 and married a Le Geyt
  • Another Jacques Pirouet was born in St Helier in 1523
  • Bernabe Pirouet was born in Grouville in about 1564 and married Anne there in 1588. They had sons Thomas born in 1589 and Jean born in 1592.
  • Jacques Pirouet was born in Grouville in about 1568 and married Pacquette there in 1592.
  • Jean Pirouet was born in Grouville about 1570 and married Michelle in 1590. They had sons Jean in 1594, Clement in 1595, Jacques in 1600 and another Jacques in 1604. Daughter Collette was the twin of the first Jacques.
  • A second Jean Pirouet was born in Grouville about 1570 and married Guillemette in about 1597. They had sons Ganne, born in 1598, and Philippe in 1600
  • A third Jean Pirouet was born in Grouville in 1570 and married Marguerite in 1594. They had a daughter Marie born in 1595.
  • Pierre Pirouet was born in Grouville in 1574 and married Christine in 1599
  • Drouet Pirouet was born in Grouville in 1576.
  • Yet another Jean Pirouet, this time from St Clement, was born in 1585 and married Rachel rossier on 7 November 1621.
  • Philippe Pirouet was born in Grouville about 1574 and married Catherine du Parcq there on 19 September 1599
  • Jean Pirouet was born in Grouville about 1587 and married Marie Le Febvre there on 18 November 1612


  • Pirouet, 1607
  • Pirou
  • Pyrou 1309
  • Pyrouet
  • Peroyt
  • Pirot
  • Pirotte
  • Piriou
  • Pirout
  • Piroux
  • Pyrouet

Family records


Family trees

The following two trees take the line of Thomas Pirouet (above) back several generations. They overlap to a large extent but contain different information and, because they come from different sources, both have been included in full. The third tree in the group links to the other two and is from yet another source.

The following two trees have the same person at generation 3, but with different parents and grandparents, and some variations in branches lower down


Church records


Great War service


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Family businesses

Family photograph album

Family gravestones

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