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Mabel Grimshaw Price, born in St Helier in 1882, the daughter of Enoch (1851- ) and Elizabeth (1852- ), she married Edward Willis in 1906

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Origins of surname

This very English surname either originates in Welsh or French. If the former, it is a derivation of ap Rhys, son of Rhys the 'fiery warrior'. If French, it is from the word pris, which has the same meaning, and would have applied to an early trading standards officer, setting the price for goods after the Norman invasion.

Early records

Richard Price, of Guernsey, married Marie Quenaux at St Saviour in 1702. They do not appear to have had any children in Jersey. The first baptisms on record are for the children of Richard Price (presumably a different one) and Anne Roissier, in St Helier in 1729 and 1733.


  • Price

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Great War service

  • Charles Henry Price (St H), Sergeant, South Staffs Regiment, probably not born in Jersey
  • Joseph G Price (St H) Private, Labour Corps, wounded (possibly 1888, St Mt, son of George and Mary)
  • William George Price (1885-) (St Mt) son of William and Jane Mary, Mercantile Marine


Family wills

Family businesses

What a super family portrait. Unfortunately we do not know the name of the family, but the front of this carte de visite indicates that it was taken by T Price and Son, and a very feint serial number on the back enables us to date it to 1899. The portrait is absolutely typical of its period. Father and mother both dressed in very formal, dark clothing, as they would have worn when entertaining at home or visiting friends. Women were more likely to wear white dresses when on a carriage ride to visit a seaside location and perhaps a tearoom, but dark clothing was the fashion indoors. The couple's three sons are all wearing sailor suits, which came into fashion in the 1870s, and were popular, both for special occasions and family photographs, to the end of the century. Thomas Price, son of plasterer John, was born in St Pancras, London in 1840 and set up in business as a photographer in the capital in 1862. It is not known what brought him to Jersey, but he apparently did not immediately go into business in the island. He married Louisa Lawrence, daughter of carpenter John, in St Helier on 5 August 1867, and was described as a photographer in the marriage register. He is known to have set up in business at 2 Peter Street in 1869, later expanding into No 4 next door, and opening a studio at 15 Queen Street some time after 1890, remaining there until 1920. 15 Queen Street seems to have provided photography studios for a succession of professionals, although they never seem to appear in census or street directory listings. Bennett and Davey were shown operating there in 1866, followed by W T Davey from 1865 to 1875, W F Burman in 1874, W W Gregory, C Bennetts in 1890, and then T Price. Thomas was joined in business by his son in 1891. This was another Thomas, born in 1870. Thomas and Louisa also had a son John, who died a few weeks after his birth in 1869, and three daughters, Louisa, Rosa and Mary Emma. Thomas snr died at home in Peter Street in May 1909 and the business was carried on by his son for another 11 years.

Family album

Family gravestones

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