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Richardson family page

The Richardson family at Bas Rozel in 1883

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Richardson-Aubin wedding

Origin of Surname

This surname is a patronymic form of a very ancient personal name, and means "son of Richard". The derivation of Richard is from the Olde English ric, power and heard, meaning brave, hardy. It is originally Anglo-Saxon in origin, but was made very popular in England by the Normans after the Conquest of 1066. The surname was first recorded in Scotland in the mid 14th Century and the first spelling of the surname in its modern form is found in the Yorkshire Poll Tax Returns of 1381, in one William Richardson.

Early records

Ralph Richardson, presumed to have been an officer in the army of Richard III, came to Jersey after the King was killed at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485. He must have had previous connections to Jersey because he became a tenant of the Seigneur of Rosel and is believed to have farmed 70 vergées in St Martin. There is some dispute about the timings because family tradition has it that he arrived immediately after the battle, the last significant engagement of the English Civil War, and took up farming then.

However, 19th century historian J Bertrand Payne, in his Armorial of Jersey says that Ralph took up farming in St Martin in 1507, four years after the birth of his son Thomas in England and the death of his wife.

Ralph married Jane Mychiel, daughter of John, in Jersey, but their son Thomas was born in England. He had a son, also Thomas, who stayed in England and his lineage is traced in one of the trees below. Another of Ralph's children, Edmund, was born in Jersey, and other sons of Thomas also established families in the island. One branch moved to Guernsey, where their surname was corrupted to Reserson. The two island families were united by the marriage of Clement Richardson and Jacquine Reserson in the 18th century.

This was very much a St Martin family and the first baptism was recorded there in 1599. Although the family largely remained in the parish, it did spread into neighbouring Grouville, Trinity and St Saviour, and ultimately throughout the island, most notably in St Ouen.


  • Richardson
  • Le Richardson
  • Richerson
  • Richards

Family records


Family trees

Descendants of Ralph Richardson was the only Richardson tree on the site from 2012. It was followed a year later by Descendants of Philippe Richardson, with no links between the two.

With assistance from Richardson researchers we have decided (April 2016) that this long-established Jersey family, originating in St Martin and mainly based there, deserves much fuller coverage. The long Ralph Richardson tree was our starting point, but it was lacking in much detail, with siblings missing from many generations. Rather than create one new, large tree we have created a new header tree with links to two main descendancies.

It is likely that the short trees below all link in some way to the main tree starting with Ralph Richardson, but we have not yet been able to establish those links. There are many Richardson marriages in our database which do not link to baptisms either of the groom or descendants.

Descendancies for four different Jeans to the one above


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