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Rockstone, St Martin


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Property name


Other names

  • Les Vaux - old name
  • Maudez House - new name after 2016 sale


Rue des Vaux de l'Eglise, St Martin



There is total confusion between HER, the Datestone Register and OJH over the reading of datestones on this property. However they are read, however, none of the three has been interpreted

  • 1588 ELE - Referred to by HER both as as ELB and ELE. OJH records it as ELE, but says it is difficult to read. The Register insists that it reads 1588 ELB
  • 1606 GM - this gable stone, shown in the photograph at the top right of the page, and on the right of the drawing above, from OJH, is undoubtedly so inscribed
  • 1606 PM Γ т - the second gable stone has a top line of characters looking like these, according to the drawing. The most recent photograph in HER is not clear enough to read the inscription. The photograph in the Register is not much better, and the descriptions of the two stones are inverted, but it is possible to decipher the lower line as PHQ, which does not seem a very good match for the drawing above. Because the 'q', if that is what it is, is apparently lower case rather than the normal upper case, the family name could be Hocquard

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

A house with early origins, with 1588 and 1606 datestones and fine stonework of that period.

It retains its historic proportions, character and features from that date and from its 19th century alterations.

This building is shown on the Richmond Map of 1795, it is considered to originate in the 15th century, refronted in 1606.

Dressed stone front, conglomerates used on sides. Windows enlarged, including by brick but some chamfered surrounds have survived.

Roof heightened and brick chimneys built at a later date. Two gable stones.

Research refers to fireplace with a niche and hinge, timber lintel. Blocked fireplace in one of the bedrooms. Two small windows in west gable.

Evidence of a tourelle, but not of other farm buildings. Two-storey three-bay house with single storey converted wing to west. Conservatory to east and rear extensions.

Old Jersey Houses

Described in Vol Two as 'an extremely secluded and sheltered house of great charm, situated just above the tiny Commune du Fief de l'Abbesse de Caen. No evidence that it was ever a farm

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