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Francois Romeril
The family crossed the Atlantic on the Chimborazo

Francois Romeril, his wife Mary (neé Billot) and their eleven children left Jersey in 1855 to emigrate to the United States, where they settled in Utah after crossing the plains in a wagon train.

They had been a religious family in Jersey, members of the Methodist Church which sponsored a school at which the children were taught French and English. In 1849 they joined the Church of Latter Day Saints. There was much opposition to this church in the island and elsewhere, not least from Mary Romeril’s family.

Church Elder John Taylor was imprisoned in France but through the influence and collection of a large amount of money by Mary he was released. He was very friendly with the family and made his home with them while there.

Against considerable opposition from Mary’s family, Francois and his wife decided to go to Utah, and all the children decided to go, too, despite the best efforts of Mary’s well-to-do parents to dissuade them.

They left the island with 70 other members of the Church and sailed from Liverpool to Philadelphia in the Chimborazo. They founded a new dynasty in Utah, some of whom changed their names to Romriel and Romrell.

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