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Esther Julia Rondel and Amy Maud Rondel

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Stanley and Lydia Rondel's wedding

Origins of surname

We have not found the surname elsewhere in the spelling which has been predominant in Jersey, but variants such as 'Rondeau' and 'Rondeaux' exist in France and are believed to derived from rond for 'round', and to have been attributed to a corpulent person.

Early records

Rondel baptisms first appear in St Helier in 1617, but the family appears to have been established mainly in Trinity and St Lawrence in the 17th century. The name's presence in the island does not appear to go back beyond the start of the 17th century, suggesting that the first arrivals from France could have been Huguenot refugees.


  • Rondel, 1607

Family records


Family trees

The complete set of trees below is known to be full of errors. Please research all trees and read notes carefully. The Rondel family will be subject to a major review, hopefully during 2020


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Family photographs

Dairy farmer Lewis Rondel with a champion bull

Letter from Boer War

The postmark on the back of this letter from a Jersey soldier serving in the Boer War shows that it was received by his brother in St Clement on the day Queen Victoria died. We have been able to identify the sender as Private Percy Cavanagh Rondel and the recipient as his brother Edmund John. The 1901 census shows that Edmund John was paralysed and working from home as a stamp dealer. We don't know whether he kept the envelope or sold it, but researching the brothers has revealed a sad family story. They were the sons of Clement Henry Rondel and Louisa Rachel, nee Hamon. They had five other brothers, four of whom died young. The history of the family as shown in census returns was rather strange. Edmund and Percy were not baptised, but their three elder brothers, and one younger one, were. Their father was born in St John in 1846, the son of another Clement, and Mary Ann, nee Cavanagh. To begin with he worked as a sail maker and later he became a publican. He married Louisa Rachel Hamon, daughter of John and Susanne, in St John in 1869. Their first son, Clement Alfred, was born the following year, followed by Herbert Sydney in 1872, Sydney Bertrand in 1873, Edmund in 1877, Thomas in 1879, and Alfred Tulloh in 1882. The 1881 census shows Clement (a publican by then) and Louisa living in Bond Street, St Helier, with sons Clement, Sydney and Percy. Edmund and Thomas were living or staying with their grandmother Susanne Hamon at her home at Bonne Nuit, St John. By the time of the 1891 census Clement Henry appears to have died and his widow, now a florist, was living in New Cut, St Helier, with Sydney, Edmund and Percy. Herbert Sydney and Alfred Tulloh had both died soon after they were born, Thomas died in 1882 at the age of three, and Clement Alfred died in 1887 and the age of 17. Louisa died before the end of the century and when Percy wrote from South Africa to his brother, the latter had his grandmother living with him at Greve d'Azette. The letter reached Jersey on 22 January 1901, the last day of Victoria's reign. Four years later Edmund married Annie Connell, and one of the witnesses was his brother Percy

Family gravestones

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