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In 1806, a group of 28 people from Guernsey emigrated and settled in Guernsey County, Ohio. Prominent members of this group were four Sarchet brothers: Thomas, John, Nicholas and Peter, and their families. They travelled via Jersey, and arrived in Norfolk, Virginia on 3 June 1806. From there they took a ship to Baltimore, Maryland, and from there set off over land by wagon and horses to Ohio. They arrived in what was to become Cambridge on 14 August 1806, and decided to settle there. The following year, they were joined by members of their families and other settlers from Guernsey.

In 1810 when the county was formed, it was named Guernsey County.

Between 1806 and 1835 more than fifty families from Guernsey settled in the county.

List of Settlers

1806 Settlers

  • Thomas Sarchet (1750-1837) and wife Mary (née De Lisle), and family:
    • Thomas (1770) and wife Anne (née Bichard), and family:
      • Thomas (1790- )
      • Nancy Ann (1793- )
      • David (1797- )
      • Peter B (1800- )
      • Moses (1802-1890)
      • Rachel (1805)
    • Judith (1774- ) and husband Daniel Ferbrache
    • John (1775-1861) and wife Judith (née Fallaize), and family:
      • 10 children
    • Peter (1778-1859) and Rachel (née Gibaut)
    • Nicholas (1780-1864)
  • William Ogier
  • James Bichard
  • Thomas Naftel
  • Thomas Lenfestey
  • John Marquand
  • Daniel De Francis

1807 Settlers

1810 Settlers



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