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General Martelli presenting a medal in Jersey

Major-General Sir Horace de Courcy Martelli (1887–1959) was a British Army officer who became Lieut-Governor of Jersey.


He won the Royal Humane Society's Bronze Medal when aged just 10 for rescuing a boy from drowning at Southsea on 2 August 1897. Educated at the United Services College and the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, he was commissioned into the Royal Artillery in 1912. He served in World War I as Deputy Director of Railway Transport for the British Expeditionary Force, as Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General at General Headquarters of the British Expeditionary Force and then as Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General for 25th Division, before becoming Assistant Quartermaster General for 9th Army Corps in France in 1916. He continued his war service as Temporary Assistant Adjutant General at the War Office from 1917 and than as Assistant Director Mobilisation at the War Office from 1918.

He went on to be Assistant Director Quartering at the War Office in 1920, Assistant Quartermaster General at Eastern Command in 1921 and Commander, Royal Artillery for 42nd (East Lancashire) Division in 1925. He was appointed Base Commandant for the Shanghai Defence Force in China in 1927 before reverting to the role of Commander, Royal Artillery for 42nd (East Lancashire) Division again in 1928. His last appointments were as Major-General in charge of Administration at Southern Command in Salisbury in 1930

He was appointed Lieut-Governor of Jersey in 1934 and retired in 1939.

In retirement he commanded 8th Bn Wiltshire Home Guard.[


In 1904 he married Ethel Mary Douglas.


This article is taken from the Wikipedia biography of Sir Horace Martelli.

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