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From Payne's Armorial of Jersey:

From this branch the late Sir John Dumaresq, Knight, derived his descent, of whom the following obituary notice is translated from a local journal :—

" Gifted with a lively imagination and with superior genius, Sir John Dumaresq directed, at an early period of his life, his attention to the study of jurisprudence, and at the age of 21 was nominated an Advocate of the Royal Court. Here his natural energy and stirring eloquence, supported by his logical style of pleading, his excellent delivery, and his sound judgment, soon predicted his ultimate success. Successively called, by public approval and by the choice of Government, to fill various administrative, financial, military, and judicial functions, he became Constable of his parish ; one of the Receivers of His Majesty's Revenues ; Colonel of the NW Regiment RJM, Attorney-General of the island in 1801 ; and finally its Lieutenant-Bailly in 1802.

He eminently comprehended the insular laws and constitution ; and it was undoubtedly owing to this valuable advantage, combined with his other qualifications, that he was deputed on no less than 21 occasions to represent the States of Jersey of Jersey before His Majesty in Council. He terminated his long honourable career on 19 March 1819, aged sixty-nine. More than 1000 individuals, among whom were members of the most distinguished families of the island, assembled to pay their last tribute of respect to their beloved and talented countryman."

In St Peter's Church exists an elegant mural tablet to his memory, and to that of his wife, the daughter of John Le Mesurier, hereditary Governor of Alderney. In the same church there is also one to that of his eldest son John Dumaresq, Attorney-General of Jersey, and another to that of his youngest son, Thomas Dumaresq, Deputy-Assistant Commissary-General, who served in Egypt, in the Mediterranean, and in the Peninsula, and had charge of the Army of Occupation in Paris in 1815.

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