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General Sir Robert Percy Douglas, Lieut-Governor of Jersey 1860-1863

(1804 - 30th September 1891) was Lieutenant Governor of Jersey from 1860 to 1863, and then for five years Lieutenant-Governor of the Cape of Good Hope, when he held the local rank of Lieutenant General.

The son of General Sir Howard Douglas, he was 4th baronet of Carr. As the last surviving son, he succeeded to the Baonetcy in 1861. His third son was Sir Arthur Percy Douglas, Bart, Under-Secretary for Defence, New Zealand.

A £1 coin, featuring the Percy Douglas, a three-masted ship, was issued in his memory. The Percy Douglas was built at Beaumont, Jersey.

The town of Douglas, situated near the confluence of the Orange and Vaal Rivers in the Northern Cape province of South Africa is named after him.

Major General Robert Percy Douglas died on 30 September 1891 aged 87 at The Hurst, his residence in Bournemouth.

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