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Lieut-Governor William Norcott

Lieut-General Sir William Sherbrooke Ramsey Norcott (1804–1886) of the Rifle Brigade was a British Army officer who fought during the Crimean War, was an Aide-de-Camp to Queen Victoria and became Lieut-Governor of Jersey.

Early life

William Norcott was born on 12 December 1804 in Chelmsford Essex, the second son of General Sir Amos Godsell Robert Norcott, who had commanded a battalion of the 95th Rifles at the Battle of Waterloo.

Military career

William Norcott was commissioned into the Rifle Brigade in 1822 and made a Captain of the 52nd Regiment in on 21 February 1840. Later the same year (7 August) he returned to the Rifles and on 1 August 1847 became a Major.

During the Crimean War he fought at the Battle of Alma and commanded 1st Battalion, the Rifle Brigade at the Siege of Sevastopol.

Between 1855 and 1868 he was Aide-de-Camp to Queen Victoria, then went on to become Lieut-Governor of Jersey between 1 October 1873 and 30 September 1878.

He was made Knight of the Order of the Bath in 1877 and became a General in 1879.


In 1848 he married Frances Marrianne Durant; they had six children; at least three of their sons became soldiers.

  • Charles Hawtrey Bruce Norcott, born 25 April 1849 became a General of the Rifle Brigade.
  • Walter Gordon Norcott, born about 1851, became a Lt-Colonel in the Royal Munster Fusiliers.
  • Gerald Alfred, born about 1861, became a Major of the Loyal Regiment (North Lancashire)

Sir William died at 87 on 23 January 1886 in St Leonard's-on-Sea, Sussex.


This article is taken from the Wikipedia biography of Sir WIlliam Norcott.

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