Snow Hill

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Snow Hill

Snow Hill in the 1940s, picture Evening Post

Itinerant photographers

A feature of Snow Hill in the years either side of World War 2 was the presence of street photographers. Strategically located next to the Snow Hill bus terminus for eastern routes, at the end of Colomberie, a route for many holidaymakers from their hotels at the other end of the street, in St Saviour's Road and at Havre des Pas, it was an ideal place for itinerant photographs to snap pictures of locals as well as visitors. Many of these images have been retained in family collections and, in March 2021, a variety were posted on the Jersey Temps Passe Facebook group. We have reproduced a selection here. The first two pictures show the junction of Colomberie, Hill Street, La Motte Street and Queen Street in 1956, about the time many of these photographs would have been taken

Snow Hill businesses

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