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The parish of St Andrew, which is situated towards the southern part of the island, is the only parish in the island that is not at any part bounded by the sea; on the east, it is bounded by St Saviour’s parish; on the west, by the town of St Peter Port; on the north, by the Vale and St Sampsons; and on the south, by St Martins and the Forest parishes. It contains 2,680 vergées of land, and a population of 1,127 inhabitants, census of 1871. The parish is divided into Grande and La Petite Vingtaine. There are several fiefs within the boundaries; that of Maux Marquis contains two hundred and eighty-five vergées, twenty five perches. The frank fief of St Helene, containing two hundred and twenty four vergées. The Fief Rohais, containing two hundred and eight vergées. The Fief La Haulle, fifty-eight vergées, thirty seven perches, and the Fief Eperons. Hill’s Historical Directory of the Channel Islands (1874)


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  • None – St Andrews is the only parish on the island without a coastline



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