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St Brelade births - Y

The Jerripedia indexes of birth registrations are in a different format to the baptism records which were first added to Jerripedia . They show only a range of dates for the volume in which the birth was registered, the page number in that volume on which the record appears, and the surname and forename(s) of the child.

The small size of the type and the poor quality of the photocopies from which scans were made, means that some of the page numbers have been very difficult to decipher. Distinguishing between 3, 6, 8 and 9 has been problematical. We have done our best to arrive at the correct page number, but no responsibility is accepted if the published number proves to be inaccurate. On a small number of records, page numbers have been impossible to read and have had to be omitted.

This index is not as helpful to family historians as the baptism records, but it can be used in conjunction with other records, such as census returns, to help build up the details of a family tree. By looking at the page number and relating it to the first and last numbers for each volume, a closer approximation of the date of birth can be calculated.

The dates covered by each volume and the range of page numbers (they do not always start at 1) are as follows for the Parish of St Brelade. Note that in some cases start and end dates are slightly approximate: the volume indexes sometimes show a start date for one index before the finishing date of the preceding index.

15 August 1842 - 1 September 1850: Pages 1-71
1 September 1850 - 25 November 1866: Pages 1-142
25 November 1866 - 1 June 1871: Pages 1-36
1 June 1871 - 1 August 1879: Pages 1-44
1 August 1879 - 24 March 1891: Pages 1-569
24 March 1891- 25 May 1900: Pages 1-502
25 May 1900 - 19 October 1911:Pages 1-482

A copy of the full record can be obtained from the Registrar, but only postal applications are accepted. See How to get a Jersey birth certificate and what it contains for full details.

All these baptisms have been added to the Jerripedia family records database. Click on this link to search the database. You can search for birth and baptism records for any family name, or limit your search to Public Registry if you are just looking for a birth record


  • 01 Aug 1879 - 24 Mar 1891 Page 48 - Maude Mary
  • 24 Mar 1891 - 28 May 1900 Page 334 - Leslie William Elliott
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