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St Brelade marriages - K: Brides

This index of St Brelade marriages, for brides with surnames beginning with K, was added to the site in March 2017 and contains records from 1644 to 1936. It has been through extensive proof-reading and we hope that any errors in the original transcriptions or created in the process of formatting the folder for Jerripedia have been corrected.

Please read Notes on content of church baptism, marriage and burial records for guidance on how to find what you are loooking for in this index, particularly the notes relating to variations in spelling of names. Please check from the top to the bottom of this page because some families may appear under variations of the name.

If you do not find an ancestor on the page in the Jerripedia indexes where you would expect to, perhaps they were baptised/married/buried in a different parish. Rather than search through all parish records on this site, why not visit our associated database, from which this list is drawn, which allows researchers to search all 12 parishes simultaneously and allows you to search quickly for variations in spelling of family names and baptismal names?


  • 19 SEP 1744 Catherine and William Jeffrey


  • 20 Dec 1931 Ada Florence (Born abt 1882) and Richard Hubert Ford (Born abt 1886)


  • 03 Dec 1925 Gertrude Emily (Born abt 1904) and Frank Chapman (Born abt 1904)


  • 01 Jul 1922 Andree Russell (Born abt 1894) and Montagu Douglas Simpson Scott (Born abt 1882)


  • 03 Oct 1868 Alicia (Born abt 1842) and George Hatfield Dingley Gossip (Born abt 1842)


  • 09 Dec 1925 Emily Beatrice (Born abt 1902) and Harry William Platt (Born abt 1903)


  • 01 APR 1782 Rachel (H) and Philippe Collas (B)


  • 21 Mar 1697 Elizabeth and Richard Le Bas (Also Registered In St Mary)


  • 02 Oct 1906 May (Born abt 1874) and John Spearman (Born abt 1876)


  • 08 Dec 1868 Maria (Born abt 1840) and John Congdon (Born abt 1845)

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